Potty Doll - Asian Boy

Potty Doll - Asian Boy
Potty Doll - Asian Boy
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Potty Doll - Asian Boy is a great tool when potty training toddler boys! This potty doll is 14" tall, atomically correct and comes with its own potty.

Asian Potty Doll - Boy is a pretend potty training doll, which means he does not drink-and-wet, but he can be just as fun to pretend with (and no mess to clean up!).

We know that children learn from seeing, listening and hearing.

At the age of 18 months, children become fascinated by the behavior of other children their own age or older. By the age of 24-30 months, they start to understand gender differences and focus on imitating the behavior of the same sex parent. They learn action and attitudes and will copy things that they have seen.

So, what is better than using a potty doll to model the appropriate potty training behavior for your child?

Check out more information on Why and How to Use a Potty Doll.

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Product Specifications

Color Blue , Black
Product Type Potty Dolls
Gender Male
Ethnicity Asian
Potty Doll Features Pretend Potty Dolls , Plush Dolls , Doll Potty Included , Wearing Diapers , Looks like a Toddler

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