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Caillou Soft Potty Seat

Caillou Soft Potty Seat
Caillou Soft Potty Seat
This Caillou Soft Potty Seat is perfect for toddlers who love this 4-year-old boy with a great big imagination.

This Caillou Soft Potty Seat has the following features:

  • Softly padded for comfort and warmth for your child to go potty, whenever your child decides to do so! It is simply a ring that fits fairly snug into the "big" toilet.

  • It is convenient as it is portable. Since it is NOT permanently attached to the toilet seat, you can move easily from one one toilet to another.

  • Easy to keep clean - made of vinyl, it just needs wiping down to keep clean. The plastic splash guard can be washed with soap and rinsed under running water

  • Fits on standard and elongated toilets. Fits snugly and securely on most standard and elongated toilets. Does leav a small space on elongated toilets

  • Comes with a splash guard for potty training little boys. The splash guard is moderately high and should guard most little boys' aims! It comes off easily and can be easily washed in the sink

The company changes print styles from time to time and sometimes the photographs may not be the same as the prints in stock.

Product Specifications

ColorBlue, Black
Product TypeCabinet Decal-Custom Size , Potty Seats
Potty Seat FeaturesSoft Potty Seat
Product StatusDiscontinued
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