Flippee - The Toilet Shield for Potty Training Boys

Flippee - The Toilet Shield for Potty Training Boys
Flippee - The Toilet Shield for Potty Training Boys

If you are looking for an easy, effective way to protect your toilet, walls and floor from messy potty accidents, then the new Flippee - The Toilet Shield for Potty Training Boys is the product for you!

Flippee was successfully tested on over 20 different toilets, including round, oblong, and standard, and it fits ALL toilets ! Each may have a slightly different fit, but it will not impact the effectiveness of the product.


Flippee÷ is very easy to use. Grab onto the handle and put upward and position it into the toilet. That's it! Flippee÷ is ready for use. Now just encourage your boy to not hit Flippee÷ and only hit the water.


Flippee attaches to your toilet with premium suction cups and stores discreetly around the base.


Flippee has a drip lip feature" that stops any excess from hitting the floor when it is flipped down.   It's located on the opposite side of the handle.  If Flippee÷ is flipped down with any excess on the shield, it would land in the drip-lip instead of on your floor.

The Flippee is also very easy to clean. While it's in the upright position, simply spray it down with your favorite household cleaner. Then, wipe it down with a paper towel.



·  Made of durable plastic with crystal-coating for a slick and non-stick finish.

·  Flexible material to provide universal fit on toilets of different shapes and sizes.

·  Rotates around two premium suction cups that attach to the toilet rim.

·  Drip lip prevents any excess from hitting the floor when flipped to the storage position.

·  Space saving design for easy storage around the toilet base.

·  Easy to use handle for little or big hands.

·  100% Made in USA


Dimensions: Height - 11 1/2 "; Width - Expandable



This item will ship within 1-3 business days by UPS Ground only .

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Product Specifications

UPC 860233000006
Color White , Black
Product Type Urinals
Gender Male

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Solved the problem (Feb 25, 2013) Reviewer: Greta Knoth My son urine stream was so long that he couldn't hit the toilet and there was always a mess to clean up. With the Flippee, no more mess.
Love It (Feb 04, 2013) Reviewer: Teresa I have a family child care and have trained many boys in the past 15 years. Needless to say my bathroom has taken quite a few "hit & misses" when the boys are toilet training. This shield has protected the back of my toilet and prevents the errors from running down the sides to the floor and my wall! It also folds down for the girls to use with no inconvenience. I love it and wish I had it 15 years ago!
Dissapointed (Jan 19, 2013) Reviewer: Terry Figart Because of the way it fastens on the outside if the child doesnt aim straight for the back of the shield and instead hits the sides you get it running down the sides of the toilet anyhow and still end up with a mess, also the top lip could be bigger, I wanted to order the blue shield but they discontnued it so I had no choice but to try this one.
Best invention ever (Dec 07, 2012) Reviewer: Amber

I'm so happy I found this! I recommend it to anyone with boys, even if they are already potty trained. It helped my son learn to aim (he didn't like hitting the shield).

What pee? (Aug 22, 2012) Reviewer: Erin

I love this thing. It is kinda chinsy, and looks rather cheap, but it works wonders!

My boys (I have 3 PLUS my husband) used to pee on the floor on a daily basis. I have had this for almost 2 weeks and they haven't peed on the floor once!


A MUST have for potty training boys! (Feb 24, 2012) Reviewer: Danni Great product, installs in seconds, not noticeable when on the front of toilet and super easy to use. Added little features like the drip lip are very handy too!
Good, helpful product. (Oct 26, 2011) Reviewer: Delmas Johnson This is a good product for my son. It would be excellent if it were a little taller. My son is developmentally challenged and I realize is taller than the age range that this product was intended for. While it is very helpful and a great invention, it would be fabulous to have one taller so that when he goes it doesn't sometimes go over the top of the Flippee. Please consider making a taller one. Thank you very much.
Great Idea, poor quality (Aug 16, 2011) Reviewer: Greg Felardo This is a great idea and it works very well as well as a three-year-old boy does not try to move it up and down. The plastic around the suction cups tears easily. Yes, it can be fixed with tape and glue, but it never works smoothly after the first break. On a seller note dealing with potty training concepts was great. The shipped the shield the same day it was ordered.
Buy It! (Jul 25, 2011) Reviewer: Jana Just buy it! My son, 3, was so against holding himself while he peed and we were so tired of holding it for him! We tried to make him aim by himself, but of course was left with a pee covered bathroom. The day we got the Flippee he started holding himself and aiming all by himself! I think it gave him the confidence to do it all on his own. Now, just a few weeks later he will go all by himself in the other toilets in our home without the Flippee and makes no mess! Also a big plus is it just flips down and up. He can do it all by himself and I can get it our of the way when anyone else needs to go!
Love It! (Jun 09, 2011) Reviewer: Sarah Schuchard My son was squirting everywhere and our bathroom actually smelled like urine no matter how hard I tried to keep it clean. This product contains the mess and is great! I keep a squirt bottle with bleach water handy and squirt it occasionally. It's easy to flip and use the seat too. This was a life saver for me!
Works Great! (Feb 25, 2011) Reviewer: Heather I love this thing! It works great, contains the mess, and is easy to use. Such a simple but much needed concept!
Great product so far (Aug 31, 2010) Reviewer: Happy Mom I've been using this for a few days now, and wow what a difference. The suction cups work just fine and adjust well to fit different toilet sizes. I was concerned it wouldn't work with my very narrow sided toilets, but It works perfectly. No more misfires & puddles :-) Also, my 8 and 4 yr old girls appreciate how easy it is to flip it down when they need to use to potty. I keep Clorox wipes on hand to keep it clean and violia - potty training a boy isn't so frustrating anymore :)