KoKo Bear Potty Doll

KoKo Bear Potty Doll
KoKo Bear Potty Doll
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The KoKo Bear Potty Doll has helped toilet thousands of children and now KoKo Bear can help your child.

KoKo is growing up just like your child. And just like your child, KoKo Bear want to be independent. For the toddler, - boy or girl - here is an irresistible bear to identify with.

With this adorable KoKo Bear doll, toilet training will be easy and fun. Children will enjoy dressing this loveable little character. And their KoKo doll will be a treasure toy even after your child is toilet trained.

Pair it with the Koko Bear's New Potty - potty training book that is meant to be read together by the parent and child!

Or for a better value, consider the Koko Bear Potty Training Kit - which includes both the doll and the book.

Also, Vicky Lansky's Toilet Training - A Practical Guide to Daytime and Nighttime Training Book. It is a great book for Parent and includes the children's book Koko Bear's New Potty.

The KoKo Potty Doll includes the following items:

  • A unisex KoKo Bear doll
  • Tee-Shirt
  • Velcro-closing diaper
  • Pull-up grown-up pants

Help your child know what to expect and what's expected

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Product Specifications

Color Purple , Black
Product Type Potty Dolls
Gender Unisex
Theme Teddy Bears
Ethnicity Non-Ethnic
Potty Doll Features Pretend Potty Dolls , Plush Dolls , Wearing Diapers , Featured in Book

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