Fisher Price Frog Potty Chair by Fisher Price Potty

Fisher Price Frog Potty Chair
Fisher Price Frog Potty Chair Fisher Price Frog Potty Chair
List Price: $21.95 $17.95 You Save: $4.00 (18%)

Fisher Price Frog Potty Chair for boys is a cheery character friend that really engages toddlers in the potty training process, with simple function and a really affordable price for mom! Fisher Price Frog Potty Chair is a plastic potty chair with a fun froggie base, and a blue removeable potty chamber.

It features a comfortable, stable seat that's easy to get on and off for toddlers, a removeable potty chamber (and integral splashguard for boys) that provides easy use and very easy clean-up for mom. Plus a handle on the back for moving it around the bathroom or taking it along.

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Product Specifications

UPC 027084647853
Color Green , Black
Brand Fisher Price
Product Type Potty Chairs
Gender Male
Theme Animals , Occasions
Recommended Age Group Baby , Toddler
Material Plastic
Occasion Halloween
Animal Frog , Bird
Potty Chair Features One Piece Design
Potty Chair Size Medium
Theme Elements Frog

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(Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous My son loves this chair. It's simple, he can carry it around if he wants and it's a frog "ribbit". However he has NO idea how to sit on it. He either sits sideways or I have to help him straddle over those big eyes. Once he's sitting his legs are very spread apart, he just looks uncomfortable. He's very big for his age, 17 months old- 33lbs and 3'2 in tall. When he tries to get off of the seat he "racks" himself. His knees are bent so that they look like they are in his face, the seat is short. I'm not sure if the site has measurements, but double check! The price is OK, but seeing as we can't use it properly, it's a waste for us. I'll be buying something taller, with absolutely NO obstacles! Something he can just sit on without having to spread his legs at the same time hes having to backup to it and sit. I'm working on just sitting him on the big toilet for now on a cars toilet seat cover (which also has many flaws) I hope this helps make your decision! I always rely on these reviews! Then again, I bought mine off this site because of all the positive reviews! LOL the irony...good luck with your training!
(Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous I never thought I'd be thrilled over a potty chair, but I am. My two year old grandson lives with me. He's a big boy for his age. From the age of 18 months I've been trying to find a potty chair that fits him. Usually the splash guards are too low or he's just not comfortable on the chair. I tried at least five different potty chairs with no success. He refused to sit on any of them long enough to do anything. Then, I found the potty frog at Target for $12.99. To me it looked too small and low for him, but I thought what the heck, I'll buy it and if it doesn't work I'll return it. After I got the potty frog home my grandson sat on it right away with his clothes on! He didn't want to get off of it. I did manage to get his diaper off and he immediately sat and peed in it. WOW! We've only had it a couple of months and he's already done number 2 several times and potties in the potty frog at least once a day at his request. I often find him sitting on the potty frog with his clothes on reading a book. That's how comfortable it is. It's also easy to empty and clean. I recommend this potty chair highly and especially for any child who's big for their age.
(Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous I purchased this potty chair for my third son. I knew from previous experience that I wanted a simple design with smooth edges and the splash guard built in. I had previously purchased the Baby Bjorn one piece thinking it would be the one. After getting it home I quickly realized it was WAY to small, unless you are potty training your 6 month old, my son is 18 months and 29lbs. I was happy when I found the Fisher Price Froggy Potty. It has the great simple design that I had wanted and the splash guard was built in. The base is nice and wide which makes it stable and has handles on the side for your little one. There is also a handle on the back that makes it easy it pick up in one piece it move for cleaning. The blue bowl lifts out to make cleaning a breeze. My only complaint was that there should be some rubber grips on the bottom so that it will not slide across the floor. I cut out a piece of non slip liner and placed it under the potty, problem solved. I would recommend this potty to friends.
(Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous This is the 4th training potty that I purchased for my son. I knew that my husband would give me a hard time about it, but this time I knew I'd finally found the right one and it IS. 1. Simple two-piece design with smooth curves and built-in splash guard. Do NOT ever waste your money on a potty with a removable splash guard if you have a boy. It's easy to empty and easy to clean. 2. Nice big bowl-- if your kid is sitting on the potty, then everything's going to go where it's supposed to go. No messes. 3. It's a FROG! My son LOVES it! We also have the regular Bjorn potty and it is just as good (just a lot more money). But it's plain and boring and my son didn't get excited about it. With the frog, he WANTS to use it. We were finally able to kick-start the process. Now we use the frog downstairs and the Bjorn upstairs and it works great. If I'd found this sooner, we would have TWO frogs!