Potty Chair Replacement- Chamber Pot

Potty Chair Replacement- Chamber Pot
Potty Chair Replacement- Chamber Pot
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Are you looking to use that old family heirloom to potty train your youngster?  Have you somehow misplaced the chamber pot to your potty chair in a move?  Did you buy a potty chair and later realize that it doesn't have a place to store the "potty"? 

Well don't worry, because the solution is here! We have listened to our customers and found the Potty Chair Replacement- Chamber Pot you have been looking for! 

This Replacement Potty Chamber Pot will fit most Wooden Potty Chairs.  Here are the approximate dimensions:

Approximate Replacement Potty Chamber Pot Dimensions (in Inches)










NOTE: This Potty Chamber Pot is not guaranteed to fit ALL potty chairs. Be sure to measure your potty.

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Product Specifications

Color White , Black
Brand Mom Innovations
Product Type Potty Accessories
Gender Unisex
Material Plastic
Place of Use Bathroom

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Potty bucket (Oct 20, 2015) Reviewer: Dora Garza It fit the chair we purchased just fine.
Potty Chair Replacement (May 13, 2015) Reviewer: Elizabeth Maerten I have the wooden potty chair I used for my four children. I now use it with my grandchildren.The potty part cracked. I ordered this as a replacement. It fits perfectly. It also arrived very quickly.
Great service (May 01, 2015) Reviewer: Mariah Carlson Really fast service!! Will buy again from this company!
Potty Chair Chamber Pot (Apr 13, 2015) Reviewer: Lorri Rush So very excited that I found an actual Chamber pot replacement for our heirloom wooden potty chair. Both of my (now adult) kids used this when young and our 2 year old grandson was visiting and training,so instead of buying a new chair for him I searched online and found Potty Training Concepts and LOVE the fact that there was an actual chamber so that our heirloom chair can be passed down generations!!!!
great (Mar 15, 2015) Reviewer: jerry bennett Fits like a glove
Old fashion potty chamber (Sep 15, 2014) Reviewer: Jacqueline Schilling Excellent fit to my 50 year old potty chair!
Exactly what I was looking for!! (Sep 10, 2014) Reviewer: Debbie Handrich After 28 years.... Finally my first grandchild is ready to potty train!! Only problem; the chair still works perfectly BUT the bowl had vanished. What an awesome day that I checked Potty Training Concepts and found a replacement bowl EXACTLY like the original!!
Just like the original! (Aug 08, 2014) Reviewer: Tammie Schnall Fit perfectly! Thx!!
Exactly what I was looking for!! (Jul 25, 2014) Reviewer: luckyzmomm My dad made a potty chair for me 52 years ago. This little chair is still in excellent shape and looks brand new with a fresh coat of paint. Needed to find a replacement potty but no luck anywhere....ran across this site and did the measurements and it fits perfectly! My dad was thrilled to see his old creation now in use again for his great granddaughter! Thank you so much for stocking this little pot, I actually ordered 2 to have a spare just in case we ever need to replace it again.
chamber pot (May 06, 2014) Reviewer: debbie gambill Great, just as advertised.
potty replacement (Mar 09, 2014) Reviewer: Ruth OBrien perfect fit fast service
Potty chair now has a pot ! (Feb 06, 2014) Reviewer: DIANE WIDMAIER My daughter a "late bloomer" in having a baby at 36. Baby is 17 months now; been looking off and on all that time and am so excited at having found a "chamber pot" for our oak potty chair. What with my son, it's about 40 years old now.It has a tray in front to keep the toddler in for a while with some finger food (cheerios?) - nothing like it on the market today. Boy was I holding my breath while opening the box and sliding it under the chair but Perfect ! Thank you.
Fit into a 30 year old wooden fold up potty PERFECTLY! (Dec 26, 2013) Reviewer: Wanda Aghaie I have a wooden and plastic fold up potty that my son used 30 years ago. He now has a child that is ready to be potty trained. Instead of having to purchase a new potty chair I was able to replace the bowl under the 30 year old chair and continue to use it with the Grandkids when they visit me! Awesome!
Perfect! (Oct 04, 2013) Reviewer: Mary Schacht It was perfect! I'm sure you've heard this many times before. I found a potty chair like the one my grandsons had when they were babies. My first great grandchild is due in March. The potty chair did not have the chamber pot with it. This fit perfect. Baby will have the same chair as daddy had when he was small. Made my grandson feel great that something he had when he was little his child will also have. Something so small turns out to be so great! Thanks.
Replacement potty chamber (Aug 30, 2013) Reviewer: Judy Moore Excellent product and FAST delivery! Perfect A+
potty chair replacement (Jul 06, 2013) Reviewer: dee Searched all over for this and only found here. Fits in wooden potty chair. Fast delivery however cost of shipping same as price of potty!
Outstanding Service (Mar 25, 2013) Reviewer: Kathy Your service was outstanding. Got the replacement chamber pot on Saturday, even before I finished painting the old potty chair that my grandfather made for my brother. It's been used for my children and now is getting a new look for my grandson. I was glad to find that they still are available. Who knew? Thank you. I am thinking about getting another one for a great-grandchild down the road.
potty chair pot (Feb 14, 2013) Reviewer: Ruth I had bought a vintage wooden potty chair complete with magazine rack and a place to put toilet paper but without the little pot. The pot I got here is a good fit, new, clean and got here pretty fast. Perfect!
Potty chair replacement (Oct 03, 2012) Reviewer: Davolyn Jackson

I was very happy with the product and the service. They were great to deal with.

I will shop with them again.

Great item (Aug 17, 2012) Reviewer: Jill

This replacement pot fits perfectly into our wooden chair and the item arrived faster than I thought it would.

The original pot lasted over 9 years. Hopefully, this one will also.

Chamber Pot Replacement (Jun 20, 2012) Reviewer: Tom

This product is an exact replacement for the original purchased over 40 years ago. My grandson can now use the same potty chair his daddy used.

The shipping service was the best I have ever experienced. Excellent product and service.

replacement potty chair chamberpot (Sep 09, 2011) Reviewer: Debbie Cordell I purchased this chamberpot for my granddaughter's wooden potty chair. It fit perfectly and was better than what I expected. It arrived quicker than I thought it would. I am very pleased with this company and my purchase. I would recommend both to anyone.
Potty Chair Replacement- Chamber Pot (Aug 31, 2011) Reviewer: April My husband started making potty chairs after his father passed away and we looked everywhere for a Chamber pot they are very rare They fit perfect! Fits my grand-daughter's wooden potty chair now she won't use the newer model chairs! Very rare product. I ordered 10 so my husband can keep making the chairs.
Potty chair replacement - chamber pot (Apr 20, 2011) Reviewer: Lisa Fits my grand-daughter's antique wooden potty chair perfectly. Very nice product!
Potty Chair Replacement-Chamber Pot (Feb 04, 2011) Reviewer: jg Good idea to measure your potty chair first. We had the potty chair, but misplaced the chamber pot. Can't find this item in the stores anymore, but thankfully your business had them. It was shipped quickly and fits perfectly. Thank you