Elmo Potty Doll Kit by Fisher Price Potty

Elmo Potty Doll Kit
Elmo Potty Doll Kit Elmo Potty Doll Kit Elmo Potty Doll Kit Elmo Potty Doll Kit
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Elmo Potty Doll is one of the ChildrenĂs Favorite Characters when it comes to potty training

This Elmo Potty Doll Kit comes pretty close to wearing the ideal potty training attire. He comes wearing a T-Shirt, potty training pant, his own potty chair and sippy cup. This soft interactive plush also includes a potty training chart to keep track of child progress with potty training stickers, certification of completion and the Bonus Feature is it comes with Elmo Potty Time DVD!!!!

Potty Time Elmo is an 11÷ tall feature plush. Make potty training fun and help Elmo use the potty. Squeeze Elmo's hand and Elmo will ask for a drink. After he drinks, Elmo will need to use the potty. Place Elmo on the potty and he'll sing a cute, fun song along with cute sound effects. Elmo also sings another cute song if he doesn't make it to the potty in time!

What's nice is Elmo doesn't always do the same thing. Sometimes, for example, he'll sit on the potty but he won't need to go. It makes it a little more realistic on what a child can expect during potty training.

As your child plays and cares for Elmo, he will be encouraged to use the potty.

Requires 3 "AA" batteries (included, replaceable)

PLEASE NOTE: Elmo is not a real drink and wet doll.  He is a pretend potty training doll - he pretends to drink and he pretends to go potty! The switch in his hands activates him asking for a drink.  The switch in his mouth activates him asking to use the potty.  His underwear can be pulled up and down but do not come off entirely.

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Product Specifications

UPC 027084673081
Color Multicolored , Black
Brand Fisher Price
Product Type Potty Dolls
Gender Unisex
Character Sesame Street , Elmo
Ethnicity Non-Ethnic
Potty Doll Features Pretend Potty Dolls , Makes Sounds , Plush Dolls , Doll Potty Included , Includes Training Pants

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