Potty Power DVD - Makes Potty Training Easy and Fun

Potty Power DVD - Makes Potty Training Easy and Fun
Potty Power DVD - Makes Potty Training Easy and Fun
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Say good-bye to diapers! The Potty Power DVD will motivate your toddler to use the potty! The program is cleverly produced to initiate and then sustain your childs interest in potty training. The program focuses on what your child needs to know to develop the responsibility to use the potty him or herself!

Potty Training works when its fun! Potty Power works because it is fun, upbeat and entertaining. Six year-old Chloe and her 3-D animated friend T.P. along with a gaggle of toddlers guide viewers along the process of what it takes to become potty trained and have Potty Power.

Repeated viewings will keep the idea of potty training fresh in your childs mind. Songs such as "No More Diapers for Me", "Proud to Wear My Underwear" and the "Potty Power" theme song encourage kids to become potty trained. While songs like, "The Toilet Paper Roll" and "Gotta Wash Your Hands", model correct and appropriate skills for proper toilet hygiene. The humorous story of "The Princess and the Potty" will make kids want to watch the program over and over again.

The message of the program is encouraging and motivating for young viewers. Potty Power is an entertaining and effective tool that parents can use to introduce their toddler to the skills of potty training. The program is enjoyable and handles information in a gentle and tasteful manner. Viewers learn from watching kids their own age successfully use the potty. The Potty Power DVD offers a fun and upbeat message on how to potty train!

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Product Specifications

UPC 092388040396
Color Blue , Black
Product Type DVDs
Gender Unisex
Recommended Age Group Toddler
Publisher Big Kids Productions

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Video Review of the Potty Power DVD (Jun 11, 2012) Reviewer: Narmin Parpia

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Home Day Care Provider (Aug 30, 2010) Reviewer: Holly Pankau

I love this DVD all the kids love it and they are excited to try to potty after viewing.

They watch it over and over.

Great songs and story.

This video worked for us! (Nov 29, 2008) Reviewer: MM

Our daughter is now going potty thanks to Potty Power. She loves the video and asks to watch it everyday.

Since receiving this video she sat on the potty a lot more than usual (she has a baby sister which had slowed things down) Now she is going to the potty all the time.

She takes the potty to the "big" potty and flushes bye-bye which she learned from once upon a potty. She also loves to yell "Potty Power!" when she went successfully.

I am so thrilled with this video. I also recommend this video for children with mild disabilities.

A good (Nov 29, 2008) Reviewer: Traci Jaeger

I personally felt this DVD was well done for the intended purpose. My 2 1/2 year old son watched the DVD many times in the first few days.

Our first attempt after watching the DVD and trying to start potty training was a no go. However, he continued to show interest in the DVD off and on and talked about what he had learned from the DVD.

A couple months later he initiated using the toilet and he's done great ever since. We are on our way.

He continues to enjoy watching "Potty Power" and it reinforces what he's learning and that it's a good thing to be a "big kid" with no more diapers.

It was a good motivator for him. I'm happy I bought it.