Potty Time With Bear - Bear in the Big Blue House

Potty Time With Bear - Bear in the Big Blue House
Potty Time With Bear - Bear in the Big Blue House
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Bear lives in a Big Blue House with several of his muppet friends: Treelo the lemur, Ojo the bear cub, Tutter the mouse, and Pip and Pop the otters. Every day bear uses his reassuringly shaggy presence to help solve problems and explore a different topic of the day (for instance "finding" or "helping"). He also frequently talks to his other friends, Shadow, who tells stories and sings nursery rhymes, and Luna the moon, who helps provide 'The Big Picture'.

Amazon's Editorial Review: Bear in the Big Blue House -Potty Time Bear
This video for teaching little ones about the potty is one of the most successful because kids can easily relate to the characters from the popular series Bear in the Big Blue House. Even though each character has a specific problem (asking for permission, fear of the unknown, bathroom etiquette), the video scores points for the gentleness and calm it communicates to kids.

Bear is always upbeat and helpful, a great coach for kids. The songs are catchy too--"Potty Chair" has a rhyming scheme that goes from "underwear" to "millionaire," and there's a hysterical psychedelic '60s number. Older kids may benefit from watching as a confidence builder. By the end, the kiddies may be running to the bathroom to practice their talents, shouting, "I'm a Toileteer!" Ages 2 to 5. --Doug Thomas

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Recommended Age Group Toddler

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potty time with bear (Dec 10, 2008) Reviewer: erin gordon i loved this video and it worked wonders with potty training my oldest son. i have been looking for it on dvd for my youngest son. i think i just found it!!
BEST PICK!!! (Nov 23, 2008) Reviewer: Christian This movie is excellent for keeping kids motivated and focused on potty training. Both my kids watched it and loved it!