Potty Training 101 for Girls

Potty Training 101 for Girls
Potty Training 101 for Girls

Get your girl / child excited about learning to use the potty with this interactive kit that makes toilet training your child easy, positive, and fun. 

Developmentally appropriate activities (see development stages for potty training) are taught through potty books, cheers, art activities, and rewarding sticker charts. 

Your toddler will decorate a wipe box with specially designed potty stickers and learn wiping rhymes (free potty songs)  that help your child practice and go!

This potty kit is loaded with hands-on activities, parent tips, and safety recommendations.

Once the milestone of potty training is achieved, your child will earn a diploma and trophy at their graduation ceremony!

The exclusive kit for potty training girls (shown above) included the following items:

  • Easy to follow parent guide for success; includes sound advice and training tips which will teach your toddler how a toilet works, allow her to personalize her potty books, & color the water.
  • 3 potty training progress charts make it easy to monitor and reward your child's best efforts
  • 1 Chart Holder Unit with 2 Suction Cups
  • 10 Activity cards teach and reward your child's independence
  • 2 Pearsonalized Potty Books
  • 12 Color Tablets
  • Reuseable stickers - Multi-Color Star Sticker Sheets, Gold Star Sticker Sheet, Potty Champ Sticker and Fun Sticker Sheets
  • A milestone marker
  • A graduation diploma and a graduation trophy
  • 1 colored ducky soap bar
  • Reusable package - as shown below for storing supplies.


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Product Specifications

UPC 850100003001
Color Black
Product Type Stickers , Potty Training Charts
Gender Female
Recommended Age Group Toddler , Kids
Potty Training Book Type Interactive PT Book
Language English

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