Lil Marc Potty Training Urinal for Boys

Lil Marc Potty Training Urinal for Boys
Lil Marc Potty Training Urinal for Boys Lil Marc Potty Training Urinal for Boys Lil Marc Potty Training Urinal for Boys
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When it is time for potty training, boys need something different. LiL Marc looks like the full size urinals found in public restrooms, only on a smaller scale. LiL Marc is just the right height for your little boy to learn to stand up and aim. This means less mess for you and more success for your little boy.

For boys 18 months and up.

Simple to Use
LiL Marc comes with a removable support stand that is just the right height for teaching your little boy how to aim.

LiL Marc can also be attached to any door or wall using the enclosed mounting bracket and screws.

Easy to empty
To empty, simply lift LiL Marc from the stand or mounting bracket and pour contents from the trainer through the pour spout top.

Easy to clean
LiL Marc is made from high quality materials, and may be cleaned with any detergent or bathroom cleaner.

This item will ship within 1-3 business days by FedEx Ground only .

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Product Specifications

Color White , Black
Product Type Urinals
Gender Unisex

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Does what I wanted (Jun 21, 2015) Reviewer: Will I bought two of the lil Mark urinals for my puppet show bc I wanted a boy's bathroom scene. I painted the handle with metallic silver and it looks great! As far as the functionality of this product, I wouldn't know. But it works great for me. I'm Buying one more. (Mar 19, 2015) Reviewer: Shane Mason It was a good concept but it's short and made very cheap. The plastic is kind of thin and the stand does not hold the unit well. For the product it should be priced lower.
Meh (Apr 21, 2013) Reviewer: Chandler Lund I really wanted to like this. I'd actually initially wanted to buy a flushable urinal but it had been discontinued. So I decided to give this one a try with high hopes. My 2 year old loves to pee standing up and as a result, either insists on peeing standing on top of the regular potty (we try to get him to stand in a stool but he won't!)- which results in him getting pee all over the place, or, he goes and pees out in the backyard! So I was hoping a urinal would be the missing piece. But there are a few issues. First of all, the stand it comes with doesn't work too well. The urinal doesn't sit securely on the stand so it falls off easily- which is obviously not what you want to have happen! Secondly, the no flush thing is a bit gross. I mean, overall, not a huge issue- I don't mind rinsing pee out of it after each use- but if you don't know they've used the urinal, you'll go in there hours later to find it all set up. But overall, the biggest disappointment is that our son just isn't interested in it. Obviously that's just my kid- I'm sure some would think it was great. Anyhow, overall, not a big hit in our house!
Waste of money (Jul 25, 2012) Reviewer: Rene'

This potty is too short and should cost about $5. Is is very cheaply made. It was a total waste of money to me.

PTC Comment: The Lil Marc Potty Training Urinal for Boys is designed to mount to any height that you would need. It comes with a wall bracket to be mounted to any wall or door.

Fabulous! (Jul 23, 2012) Reviewer: Jen

I could not get much happier with the purchase of the little urinal for my son. It is the only thing that has kept his pee from being all over the floor.

We have tried so many different training seats with no luck and so far I have not had to clean up any messes because he hits his target every time and doesn't have to worry about sitting down to pee and holding his little wee wee down which is complicated for a 2-3 year old boy.

Great product, but price a little high! (Jun 24, 2012) Reviewer: Gerry

The product is great, it helps a lot with potty training my son. He enjoys using so much he uses the restroom as much as possible.

The cost is a little high at check out. With the cost of the product, freight, and taxes it cost you almost $50.00 for the product, which in my eyes is a little expensive. This is the only one on the market so what can you do. You have to empty this one after each use. I found one online that is a flush-able type for around the same price, but it is no longer sold.

Great product otherwise!

Great addition to my bathroom (Mar 28, 2012) Reviewer: Hannah I love having this urinal in my bathroom for my son to use. He would have the problem of over aiming when trying to pee standing up. This urinal is perfect for that. And he loves using it. Anyone who has a boy this is very helpful and a must.
Happy Daycare (Mar 26, 2012) Reviewer: Patsy Black The potty training urinal is a success at my daycare(ages 0-3). IT teaches the boys the correct way to stand and pee. I would recommend this potty to anyone who is potty training boys. It helps eliminate the mess of them peeing everywhere other than in the toilet.
Ragston is doing the potty dance. (Mar 23, 2012) Reviewer: Richel Smith I recommend the urinal it is very helpful, boys are so hard to train on a potty chair but with the urinal he enjoys going to the restroom.
Neat product, but not tall enough (Jul 30, 2011) Reviewer: April Kenney This product is a great concept, but I had to put the urinal on a step stool for my son. (He is is the 60th percentile for height, so he is not considered tall for his age.) It worked great, once it was tall enough for him to use. This would be great if it was taller.
lost order but tracking package. (Feb 22, 2011) Reviewer: Alisha Rated three stars because don't actually have the Lil Marc Urinal for Boys yet. I purchased this product on 2/4/11 and still have not received it. However, the customer service department at Potty Training concepts responded quickly to my email and is tracking my order. They seem to be working hard on fixing the problem and I appreciate it greatly!