Tinkle Targets for Boys - Construction Theme

Tinkle Targets for Boys - Construction Theme
Tinkle Targets for Boys - Construction Theme Tinkle Targets for Boys - Construction Theme Tinkle Targets for Boys - Construction Theme
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These Tinkle Targets - Construction Theme are an excellent potty training aid for boys. This flushable product encourages to learn how to potty train boys when standing up at the potty or toilet andhelps teach aiming. Tinkle Targets are easy to use and fun for boys.

  • Encourages Boys to Stand at the Potty
  • Teaches Aiming
  • Fun, Easy & Flushable!

You get 15 Tinkle Targets per pack


1. Unfold a tinkle target and place on water in toilet using the side tabs 2. Encourage boys to aim at the target while standing at the toilet 3. No cleanup! When finished, just flush the tinkle target.

Tinkle Targets are also available in Transportation and Construction themes.

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Product Specifications

UPC 892458000622
Color Multicolored , Black
Product Type Toilet Targets
Gender Male
Theme Construction , Professions
Material Plastic

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Great product!!! (Oct 25, 2011) Reviewer: HANDYLADY My 3 year old grandson, although already potty trained, just loves these targets, and it makes it so much more fun for him. There are enough of them for him to enjoy, before he will probably lose interest.
potty targets (Oct 06, 2011) Reviewer: sg the product is great but my grandson doesnt want to pee pee on the trucks. he did like them though
Good Idea however... (Nov 05, 2009) Reviewer: Tammietea

This is a great idea.

But I don't understand why we don't teach our boys to SIT down to go?? (see Potty Training Boys?)

Seriously, your bathroom isn't the woods or outside. I have raised two boys (and two girls) so it's not like I don't know what I'm talking about.

It's time to quit letting some primitive form of eliminating be allowed in a clean bathroom.

Aside from that, another successful method is to empty the bowl, dry it well then super glue a marble in side the bowl.

Wait a few hours before filling back up with water.

My boys (including their father) liked aiming for the marble.

PTC Comments:

See Potty Training Boys, All Potty Training Targets and more specifically Wee Wee Pals

Good motivator for boys (Nov 29, 2008) Reviewer: n/a Great product. They have really helped motivate my son to use the potty. Instead of debating whether he will go to the potty or not, we "debate" whether to use the rocket ship, car, or motorcycle. Wish they were a bit cheaper, but if I can get my son out of diapers, they will be worth every cent!
Fantastic (Nov 29, 2008) Reviewer: Boston Mom I purchased these with a bit of skepticism and have used Piddlers. My son loves the construction theme and chooses these over the Piddlers. We brought them to his preschool and the teachers love them and found that other boys are willing to try just by watching my son. Their only comment was that they wished there were some for girls...even if it's not target practice!