The Tinkle Timer

The Tinkle Timer
The Tinkle Timer The Tinkle Timer The Tinkle Timer The Tinkle Timer The Tinkle Timer The Tinkle Timer The Tinkle Timer

If your child is not sitting on the potty long enough to actually void in the potty, this Tinkle Timer is the perfect solution.

You can use this 2-4 minute Tinkle Timer as a tool for how long your child should actually sit on the potty. The timer takes away the power struggle on how long your toddler needs to sit on the potty chair.

Turn the time over when you child sits on the potty. Your child can watch the cute monkey and bananas bounce around or play with other toys and hopefully will be relaxed enough to be able to void in the potty. Once the timer has run out - your child is free to leave until his next time!

The timer helps create good potty habits i.e. taking the time to actually empty the bladder and bowels while on the potty. Empty bladder and bowel will prevent problems like urine frequency, belly pain, urinary infections, constipation, bed wetting, and accidents (urine and stool).

Pictures are of front and back of the Tinkle Timer.

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Product Specifications

Color Multicolored , Black
Brand PottyMD
Product Type Potty Accessories
Gender Unisex
Manufacturer PottyMD

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Runs too quickly (Apr 27, 2013) Reviewer: S Jordan Timer is cute and held attention of 2 1/2 year old boy, but running time is slightly short of 1 minute. Even when turning over to run with the monkey at the top and then the bananas at the top, this timer provides less than 2 minutes in total of "sitting time". Would be better if it actually ran the 2/4 minutes advertised.