Wee Wee Pals - Toilet Target for Boys and Girls

Wee Wee Pals - Toilet Target for Boys and Girls
Wee Wee Pals - Toilet Target for Boys and Girls
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These Wee Wee Pals are slightly differently from all the toilet targets on the market. These "targets" can actually be fun for both BOYS and GIRLS!!

The toilet targets are truly a "target"! The "target" is applied to the toilet bowl and will remain there until you choose to remove it!

You get 4 different toilet "targets" when you purchase Wee Wee Pals. The four "targets" are:

  • A blue and yellow Fish
  • A purple sea horse
  • A yellow and orange crab
  • A green frog

Most toilet targets are designed to float on water and for boys to shoot at. These Wee Wee Pals "targets" could very easily be used by girl also. Girls could have fun with these - they could look down into the toilet bowl and aim at the "target" just for fun. This would make potty time fun for girls as well!

To use these for girls - position the "target" in the bowl - so that when your little girl sits down on the toilet and looks into the bowl - she can see the target and aim for it!

Directions for use

  • Clean toilet in your normal manner.
  • Pour about one gallon of water into the toilet all at once. This should lower the water level in the bowl.
  • Use a paper towel dampened with household rubbing alcohol to wipe the area in the back of the bowl (at the water line) where the Wee Wee Pal will be placed
  • Apply the Wee Wee Pal decal of your choice. It will stay in place until you decide to change or remove it.
  • To remove simply lower the water level, lift one edge and peel off

Warning:As with any water source, adult supervision is required for very young children. Keep toilet lids closed and, if necessary child proof when not in use.

The story of how Wee Wee Pals got started:

Once upon a time long ago, the idea for Wee Wee Pals began. One day while reminiscing childhood stuff with my now grown son, he told me the whole story of the decorative decal. I had placed on the underside of the toilet seat lid. A light flashed. I had always thought his aim was slow to develop. But, "Oh No!"....his aim was right on. I had simply placed the target too high.

So now, in time for my grandson's target practice, we have Wee Wee Pals. And it is my hope that others will also have a little fun and "aim for sucess" with Wee Wee Pals

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