White Flip Potty Toilet Seat - Round

White Flip Potty Toilet Seat - Round
White Flip Potty Toilet Seat - Round White Flip Potty Toilet Seat - Round
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Product Specifications

Color White
Pattern Solid
Product Type Toilet Seats
Gender Unisex
Material Wood
Manufacturers Warranty 1 Year
Toilet Seat Features Chrome Hinges , Includes Flip Potty Seat , Family Toilet Seat

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Works GREAT (Jan 12, 2016) Reviewer: twin mommy We LOVE the Potty seat ! Works wonderful and is EASY to install !! We are potty training girl/boy twins and so far so good :) For the mom's and das with boys : take 4 sheets of toilet paper fold them in half, have your boy sit on the toilet and put the folded toilet paper between his legs and have him aim at it. That way he is not going to pee straight out the potty ! (yes he will )
Sturdy and unobtrusive (Sep 24, 2014) Reviewer: Jenna G This seat does exactly what I wanted: it provides a securely-attached, child-sized toilet seat for my toddler that doesn't interfere with adult use of the toilet. The child seat has a magnet and lifts up with the lid until the child pulls it down, so adult guests don't have to wonder how to detach the child seat or where to put it. The kid can close the lid herself before flushing without putting her hands on/in the seat itself. The child seat does NOT un-snap from the hinges "for easy cleaning" -- or as a result of wiggling! It's plain white, just like the grownup seat, and it's just as easy to clean as an adult seat. Know before buying: (1) Parts of the hinges may be chrome-plated plastic, not solid metal... but that's to be expected in this price range. (2) The bumpers between the seat and bowl (or lid and seat) are hard plastic, so if you drop the seat instead of setting it down, it makes a rather loud noise. (3) It doesn't have a "splash guard" -- some parents may miss it, but I'm teaching the kid to sit properly to make using other toilets easier, and I suspect that -not- having the guard will make it easier for her to use the seat alone when she's ready to do so.