Potty Time

Potty Time
Potty Time
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Toddler Grover and his Sesame Street pals introduce the concept of potty training, discussing what to do, including washing hands afterwards and telling someone when it is time to go.

This book is an excellent, encouraging & interactive potty-training board book for toddlers to read.

It presents a variety of characters - Grover and his sesame street pals - who are all at different stages of being ready to use the potty on their own. This gives your child the opportunity to decides how they feel about their own situation - are they ready for potty training or not??

The characters in the book are also okay with not being ready -- being ready is not a good or bad thing - no judgement about potty training readiness.

There is big celebrations for the one who went potty for the very first time. It encourages using the potty in a very postive way - does not push the child

The books Too Big for Diapers and The Potty Books for Boys are more instructive when compared to this book.

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Product Specifications

Color Green , Black
Product Type Books
Product Gender Unisex
Character Sesame Street
Product Audience Baby , Kids
Book Purpose Potty Training Book
Publisher Random House
Potty Training Book Type Entertainment PT Book
Language English
Book Type Hardcover

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