The 5-Star Baby Name Advisor

The 5-Star Baby Name Advisor
The 5-Star Baby Name Advisor
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You use star ratings to select restaurants, hotels, movies and mutual funds. Now Bruce lansky's 5-Star Baby Name Advisor gives you an objective way to selelct from thousand of baby names!

In this unique book, Lanksy rates 1,800 popular and unique names and provides more helpful information and advice about each name than you'll find in any other book. In addition to meaning, origin, and common variations, each name's profile includes: Star rating, Gender clarity, Ease of spelling, Versatility, First impression, Popularity and trend, Ease of pronunciation and Concise advise.

This book can help you pick a name that will give your baby a head start in life!


About the Author
Bruce Lansky is the #1 author of baby name books. His titles include The Very Best Baby Name Book, 60,000+ Baby Names, 25,000+ Baby Names, and The Baby Name Survey Book, which combined have sold more than 8 million copies.

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Color Black
Product Type Books
Product Gender Unisex
Product Audience Adult
Book Purpose Baby Name Book
Publisher Meadowbrook
Language English

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