Sesame Street Potty Training Reward Kit

Sesame Street Potty Training Reward Kit
Sesame Street Potty Training Reward Kit
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If your little one is a fan of Sesame Street, then this Sesame Street Potty Training Reward Kit will be the perfect incentive to master potty training!

The Kit includes:

  • 70 Sesame Street character stickers
  • Potty training progress chart
  • Potty training completion certificate

Your little sesame fan can place stickers on the chart to mark goals like:

  • Sitting on the potty
  • Using the potty
  • Washing Hands
  • Flushing the toilet

Now that Elmo and Abby Cadabby are here to help, just sit back and watch while your little one conquers the potty once and for all!

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Product Specifications

UPC 047968697026
Color Multicolored , Black
Brand Ginsey
Product Type Potty Training Charts
Product Gender Unisex
Character Sesame Street , Elmo
Material Plastic

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great product (Jul 11, 2012) Reviewer: amber

good product

fast shipping


You will lose half yoour stickers before using them (Jun 26, 2010) Reviewer: Gigi

The concept is great however, the product is poorly made.

The stickers fall off before you peel them off to use them.

I have only had this product for 2 days and already half of the stickers are missing because they fell off.

It worked! (Sep 09, 2010) Reviewer: Robert When I received this product I thought, No way this is going to work - maybe I should've bought 3 or 4 kits.

But this turned out to be a fantastic, inexpensive, easily portable potty training reward kit. A parent could easily create this setup themselves with some stickers but this is attractive enough as sold. The package contains:
- Approx. 8"x12" laminated, folded cardboard reward poster and a sticker sheet.
- Certificate of completion

There are (5) columns of "deliverables" similar to the ones our government advertised for our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan:
- Uh-oh... gotta go...
- Sat on potty
- Used potty
- Clean and flush
- Washed hands

I taped the poster kid-level on the wall next to the toilet. My kid loved putting the stickers up and felt proud. If she didn't want to wash her hands, I'd say, "Oh well, guess I can't give you that sticker since you didn't do it..." Then she'd rush to wash her hands.

Just one kit did the trick for us but, as you can imagine, all kids are different and some factors may have contributed to our success. I'll list them here:
1) Our child has an older sibling who is potty trained.
2) She was introduced to using the potty before this albeit with no consistent success.
3) We were very casual about potty training. We let it happen at her pace and never pushed for success or displayed disappointment at failures.

I bought the product because it looked like a participatory way to get a child interested in succeeding with a potty. This simple product met all expectations.

Misleading-NOT ELMO! (May 23, 2012) Reviewer: Shana Mutterspaugh My daughter LOVES Elmo and I had such a hard time finding Elmo girls undies in this size. I was super excited when I found this site and ordered 2 packs. Much to my disgust they are NOT what is pictured on the site.

I immediately called the customer service phone number and I explained that I did not get what was pictured. The service rep explained that the manufacturer changes prints often and they can not possibly keep updating the site as often as they change. I understand that and I am fine with that, but only 2 pairs actually had Elmo, the other one was Zoey. While polite, she offered no resolution to my issue.

BEWARE THESE ARE NOT ELMO and should simply be listed as Sesame Street. My daughter is terribly disappointed and now instead of having 6 pairs of Elmo undies we only have 4. I would not recommend ordering here if you have to have Elmo.

So my search continues.

PTC Comment:I am sorry that you were disappointed in your purchase. We would have gladly done a refund if the products were not opened. We try very hard to keep up with large manufacturers changing prints, however, Elmo is very popular and the prints change quite often. This is why we have the disclaimer on the bottom of the description that reads "*PRINT MAY NOT BE EXACTLY AS SEEN. The company changes print styles from time to time and sometimes the photographs may not be the same as the prints in stock." The product is also labeled Sesame Street Elmo because the manufacturer labels these panties as Elmo but sometimes inserts other characters in, as happened with the package you purchased. The company changes print styles from time to time and sometimes the photographs may not be the same as the prints in stock.

Great product, but runs large (Jan 26, 2011) Reviewer: Andi My 3 year old son is very tall at 44 inches and 46lbs. The pants were exactly what I was looking for but they run huge. The urine during an accident pools and then explodes like a water balloon making a larger mess than is necessary. I would go down a size
Good but too (Dec 07, 2011) Reviewer: Terri Potty training is a long process and therefore this should include more than one sheet - perhaps a months worth, not two days worth. This sheet will not give you more than two days worth of tracking.
Altered use (Feb 09, 2012) Reviewer: Kristin I used this chart for my daughter. I used a plain homemade chart until she was showing an understanding of using the potty and the whole process of going when you need to, wiping, flushing, washing hands; all as part of one single act of going potty. When she was ready to focus on no accidents and pottying on the potty all the time even in public I switched to this chart. The first thing we did was pick out a desired toy (Abby Cadabby doll) and set it up on her wardrobe as her goal to earn when the chart was filled. But I did not use the titles. I simply gave her a sticker for each potty use. When she had filled a column she got a small $1 or $2 toy. Then OH! the excitement when she had filled that chart to earn her doll! I started this during my week of spring break and made certain that she was out often so the public potty was worked in in order to earn the big reward. The big stickers I gave her for a whole day with a dry pull up. There are actually 15 big stickers, we just put them in other spots when the obvious places were full.
Great fun for sesame street lovers! (Feb 23, 2013) Reviewer: Leigh I didn't think my daughter would care too much about having a sticker chart, but the potty training method I followed highly recommended using one. My 3 1/2 year old, reluctant to train, daughter loved seeing her chart fill up with little stickers under each Sesame Street character! She was especially excited to put the big stickers on the bottom after 10 successful trips to the potty! I highly recommend this for any potty learning Sesame Street fan.
Stickers were UN-sticky (May 05, 2014) Reviewer: Lindsay The stickers did NOT stick. They kept falling off all over the place. Would NOT recommend this.
Not a good product on many levels (Jul 21, 2014) Reviewer: Lindsay Bressman The stickers did not make sense from a potty training point of view and they weren't actually sticky so they kept falling off which is actually also a chocking hazard for my daughter who is 10 months. Product purchase FAIL.