Abby Cadabby Doll - Plush by Gund

Abby Cadabby Doll - Plush by Gund
Abby Cadabby Doll - Plush by Gund
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If your little girl loves Sesame Street, then this is the Gund for her! Abby Cadabby is the newest character on Sesame Street; Abby is three years old and loves magic. She uses her magic wand to cast magical spells and is learning to use her powers for good everyday.

Abby Cadabby is strong, smart and funny. She loves to interact with everyone and is cute and lovable at the same time. As you can tell, Abby Cadabby LOVES pink and loves to say "that's so magic!". Abby Cadabby is sure to be a magical part of your daughter's life!!

Abby Cadabby measures 12 inches with the GUND durable quality, completely embroidered facial features, and is surface washable.

Abby Cadabby is not the easiest word to spell - some people misspell it as Abby Caddaby or even Abby Cadaby. Either way, she is still the same adorable plush doll!

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Product Specifications

Color Pink , Black
Brand Gund
Product Type Toys
Product Gender Female
Character Sesame Street , Abby Cadabby
Product Audience Baby , Kids
Toy Type Stuffed / Plush Toy

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