My Potty Book for Girls board book

My Potty Book for Girls board book
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My Potty Book for Girls is a great book for toilet training girls. It has simple words and colorful photographs of many little girls with different color hair and of different ethinicities. You baby girl will be sure to relate to one of the pictures.

It is a beautifully shaped book and is also a board book i.e. it has thicker cardboard pages. All the pictures are in full color. Photographs of real children will capture any child's attention and help develop confidence

The books takes a step by step approach by starting out with a a girl in diaper and then introducing her to a potty chair. It asks the question - "What could it be?" and "What do you do with it?".

It has pictures of the potty being worn as a hat and two potties being worn as shoes - which I am sure many little girls have done themselves and thus should enjoy seeing these pictures.

It tells them that a potties are for sitting on and ask your little darling if she will poo and pee in the potty!

DK has this book for girls and has a similar My Potty Book for Boys.

We have a great selection of potty training books, as well many other potty training products for girls. Don't forget the training pants and the potty chairs and seats. Potty Dolls can be fun for little girls as well.

Be sure to browse our potty training tips and information sections on how to potty train and when to potty train.

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