Potty Training Skills Work Book for Girls & Boys

Potty Training Skills Work Book for Girls & Boys
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This Dry All Day Potty Training Skills workbook is designer for childrent ages 2 to 5 who are either begining or struggling with independent toilet training.

The book is for you the parent AND also for your child.The first part of the book cover things like signs of readiness, dos and don't, discusses different potty training methods, gives you a crash course in toilet training, talks about rewards and consequences and Tage Team Toilet Training.

The book also discusses toilet training regression. Gives you 25 potty tips, ideas and projects to motivate your child, followed by some simple steps to potty training.

You also get some final thougths from the author, including some fun potty training songs and home made rewards (see our free potty training charts).

The rest of the book has activities for your child. With your guidance, each activlity will help you child relax, learn and share more about his feeling.

The back of the book has a potty training charts, along with some drawings of potty stickers (read our article on how to make glue at home). You also 3 monthly progress charts - along with the ability to take some notes for yourself as well as for your child. Lastly, you get a potty certificate of acheivement!

From the Publisher

This potty training book offers REAL HELP in teaching toilet training concepts while also building motor skills, vocabulary and pre-reading concepts.

The author first introduces parents and caregivers to potty training concepts and offers many ideas that help you teach and motivate the child. Parents learn about 5 very different ways to approach toilet training, and how to decide which might be best for your situation. You will also learn how to use stickers effectively to track your child's progress and motivate toward success.

The skill-building pages offer you and your child an effective and fun way to communicate and work on potty skills. Using artwork as a non-threatening, relaxed setting you might gain a better understanding of how to help your child become successful and independent.

Your child will look forward to going potty!

From the Author - Elaine D'Ippolito

"Having studied child behavior and as a mother of three, I've been there. My goal is to help you understand how to motivate your child to WANT to train, and how to determine which approach might be best for you and your child."

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