Types of Potty Seats

Potty seats are a very important tool to have when potty training children. They need to be in every bathroom of the house so that the child can use any bathroom when they need to and they need to be accessible as well.

They have to be located right by toilet so the child can easily grab it and place it on the toilet. Or they can also be kept on the toilet at all times too. Either way, the potty seat is very important to make sure that a child can use the bathroom easily and feels comfortable while doing it too.†

There is a large selection of potty seats available to fit every child's needs, as well as their likes too.

Potty seats are available in:

The large selection means that there is something for everyone and any need there may be. Keep in mind, again that there should be a potty seat in every bathroom of the house, so having a few different kinds works too. Or having different designs on each may work to motivate your child to go, since they can see their favorite characters or designs in each room of the house.†

Folding potty seats
†and†travel potty seats†are very similar. The folding potty seats can be folded up neatly and taken for travel as well. They come with fun characters that children love, such as Dora, Diego, Blues Clues and even Elmo. They are very lightweight and fit neatly on the big toilet so that a child can site comfortably. The†travel potty seats†come in a variety of designs as well. Some are†inflatable†for very easy storage and travel, while others also fold up and are cushioned too.

Soft potty seats†are cushioned and again fit neatly in the opening of the toilet. There are handles on the side and are great for smaller children that need to hold on when going or children that need that extra security while using the bathroom. These have fun characters on them, as well as coming in bright colors and designs too.

The†flip family potty seats†replace the current toilet seat in the bathroom, so that there is a smaller opening for children. There is the lid and then a seat with a smaller opening that can be flipped back when adults need the bathroom. These are perfect for children that may already be potty trained, but are still too small to fit on a regular toilet. They do come in a variety of sizes to fit different sized toilets too.

Potty training does not have to be stressful; itís all in your approach. If you make it fun for your child, he or she will be more responsive and train in a shorter amount of time.

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