Potty Training Troubles and Success Tips from Mom with Disability

Meet Amy Blanchard.

She lives in NH with her husband and little girl. She works 35 hours a week, allowing her to have some time off to spend with her daughter - which gives her a great balance!

She is a disabled mom - she was born with spina bifida. She wears short leg plastic braces, uses a walking stick, and can't feel below her knees. She has some trouble getting around, but manages. Her daughter is perfectly healthy and very active. Together they are always learning, always adjusting and always having fun!

She loves to write! She has her own blog and also writes a monthly column, called Dis Abled Mom, for the e-zine Audacity Magazine giving her more opportunity to share her experience as a disabled mom raising a healthy daughter.

I read Amy's two articles on Clubmom, where she is a Go-To mom. I really enjoyed both her articles because her story is what happens to so many moms out there. Amy has graciously allowed us to reprint these articles. Thank you Amy.

Moms decide to start potty training without a plan. Just like Amy, who decided to start potty training one day because she had had enough of changing diapers. She got going on the spur of the moment and ended up feeling totally frustrated.

After trying to have her daughter sit on the potty every 20 mins without any results, Amy decided to try having her daughter sit there until she peed. After 45 mins, nothing. So no sooner had Amy dressed her daughter, the little angel had an accident!

Read Amy's Potty Training Troubles.

So, Amy packed it in for 6 months. This experience taught her that there are two critical factors when it comes to potty training. They are:

  1. Your child's potty training readiness
  2. The parent's readiness - or a plan on the parent's part on which potty training technique they are going to use.

Read Amy's Potty Training Success Tips.

We hope that Amy's potty training story - her troubles and potty training success tips offer you some food for thought as you plan and prepare to potty train your toddler.

Look at potty training as another big milestone in your child's life and make it an opportunity to create memories that you will treasure for years. You never know what this potty training adventure could lead to. For me, it has led me to my third career eight years after I potty trained my two sons!

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