Is it Possible to Potty Train Babies under One Year Old?

Potty training babies under one year of age is possible, in fact, some experts say you can begin potty training babies at 3 weeks old! It just means something different than the definition of potty training as an independent skill.

Potty training babies who are less than one year of age is an interdependent potty venture. The same interdependent philosophy is found in Suzuki music education where the parent learns the instrument before the child so the parent can be a teaching partner.

Mom, or another caregiver, gets the baby to the potty at the right time and assists her in the potty process. This may work better with babies who do well on a schedule. Mom watches the baby for signals that she is ready to go, from grunts to wiggling. Mom carries the baby to the potty, adding a sign or signal of her own; for example, a psssing sound. In time, the baby associates the signal with pottying. Voila, no more diapers!

This process only works with time, attention, and a non-coercive loving partnership. It is not for the overworked and the overscheduled, and not in homes trying to juggle the needs of adults and other family members (see Potty Training In One Day section for information on technique for busy parents).

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