Early Start Potty Training

Excerpt taken from Early-Start Potty Training

Now that so many Western parents are struggling with untrained older children, interest in time-honored, natural infant-hygiene and infant care techniques is on the rise.

Author Laurie Boucke's book Infant Potty Training: A Gentle and Primeval Method Adapted to Modern Living has been endorsed by such heavyweights as pediatrician Dr. William Sears.

Boucke reports a surge in interest in these gentle, natural methods. Negative experiences with getting one of their brood out of wearing baby diapers has propelled many parents to search for better potty training methods (see baby potty training ) for subsequent children.

Best-selling author, national columnist, and family therapist John Rosemond has responded to the epidemic of wetting and soiling among older children by recommending a return to the age-old practice of potty training babies or newly mobile tots (see article on the Benefits of Infant Potty Training). He points out that early learning does not turn children into emotional basket cases, scar them psychologically or lead to years of bedwetting and potty accidents.

Parents would do themselves, their children, and the environment a big favor by following the potty training schedule that worked in the United States from the beginning of time until Pampers hit the market in 1961 and that remains so popular throughout most of the world.

The primary consideration in selecting a departure date should be your personal readiness (see article on parent readiness) for the journey.

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