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Travel Potty Seats

You should always have a back up plan while potty training your toddler and traveling. These travel potty seats are great! They allow you to continue successfully potty training your child by helping them feel confortable even in a public restroom. These travel potty seats fold down are able to be put inside diaper bags, purses or luggage. These are called Folding Potty Seats, and are avaiable on our website in multiple colors, designs and characters.

  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to clean
  • Light Weight
  • Lots of choices in color, designs and characters

Make sure you bring extra clothes, underwear, and wipes on these short or long trips just incase your child has accidents.

(for more information or to see our entire selection, please see Travel Potty Seats)


Soft Potty Seats

Some children need extra padding when being potty trained and even after they have mastered potty training too. Making sure that your child is comfortable and feels safe makes all the difference during the potty training process, thatis why soft potty seats are so important.

Whether you choose to use a potty chair or a potty seat, either way the child needs to feel safe and secure when using the bathroom. They need to be able to fit on the toilet easily so that they are able to go, without feeling unstable on the toilet or like they might fall in. Having a potty seat on the toilet can make all the difference.

This is even true of children that have already learned to be toilet trained and no longer need a potty chair, but still do not fit on properly on the big toilet. The potty seats are the perfect size for children and they can fit easily on them. We understand this at Potty Training Concepts and offer a large selection of soft potty seats to use that come in a variety of styles and patterns to choose from.

(for more information or to see our entire selection, please see Soft Potty Seats)

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