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One of the most elementary aspects in choosing your potty seat is something as simple as, is the bathroom your child will be using dedicated to that child, or will other family members and guests use it?

Flip Family Potty Seats:

If the child solely uses the bathroom, then a semi-permanent potty seat might be the best option for you. You have many options of semi-permanent potty seats avaible, all of these can be found at Flip Family Potty Seats.

These potty seats are to replace the exsisting potty seat, and it doubles as an adult potty seat and a child's. This has become extremely popular over the past few years. Some Flip Toilet Potty Seat use a hidden-in-the-lid, child-sized toilet seat and a fun reward system. These can easily be raised and lowered by your child.   You will appreciate the hidden nature of the child seat - and that there is no guard to stab you in the back!

Both of theses potty seats are available in traditional and elongated sizes and can be utilized by either an adult or a child. If you are unsure what size your toilet is, please reference our section titled "How do I know if my toilet is round or elongated" for further information.

For more information on these, check out Flip Family Potty Seats.

Portable Potty Seats:

We offer a range of portable potty seats to choose from so that you and your child can pick the one that will work best for them. We have the pink Potty Patty or the blue Potty Scotty portable potty seats that go along with the potty training dolls . They can have the child's name added to the front of them and they are very durable and sturdy to use. They fit snugly on top of the toilet and are very light weight and easy to take anywhere your child needs to go. There are also two other Potty Patty and Potty Scotty seats that have a simpler design and can have your child's name added to them as well.

Along with these, there is also a portable potty seat that is fold-able and very much like a real toilet, in that the seat fits very neatly on the toilet and there is a step stool attached as well. This portable potty seat comes in white and there are handles on the side of the step stool that is attached to help kids feel secure getting on and off the toilet. These are just a few of the portable potty seats we offer, there are many more and you will want to look through them all to find the one that will work best for you and your child

For more information on these potty seats, check out Portable Potty Seats.

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