Poop Accidents During Potty Training

Is your little one having too many pooping accidents? Does your child have the pee part down but doesn't seem to want to poop on the potty?

Well you're not alone!

Why is it so difficult to get a child trained to poop in the potty? How do you help your little one progress to the point of being an "independent pooper"?

Bowel movement control doesn't mean bowel movement trained.

Children still have to learn the process of finding the appropriate location, pulling their clothing off, climbing on the seat or chair, relaxing, releasing, etc.

And to make parenting more fun every child has their own, unique personality. So as parents we get to figure out just what little tricks we need to use to prompt our little guy or gal to poop in the potty.

Here are a few steps you can take to increase your chance of converting your resistant "little poop" into an independent poop making machine!

1. Ensure your child has a comfortable environment.

  • Some kids find it hard to push if their feet are dangling so be sure you use a step stool and / or Potty Chairs that allows your child to be flat-footed.

  • Consider using an air freshener if your child is sensitive to smell. My little guy has a strong gag reflex and hated going poop until he discovered air fresheners.

  • Pick your battles. If your little one wants to take off his/her clothes, let them. Some kids don't like the binding of the clothing while they are pooping. Some kids are concerned their shirt or pants will get wet or dirty. So embrace the fact that they are willing to go and forget about their nakedness.

  • Be considerate of their attempt for privacy. Some little guys and gals learn modesty sooner than we realize. If your little one wants you to step out of the bathroom do so. (But keep an ear to the door to be sure they aren't getting into something they shouldn't!)

2. Teach your child to relax.

  • Practice breathing exercises with them, sing a song, or just have a chat with them while they are on the potty.

  • For some kids it works to have an activity for them to participate in while on the potty. I'm more supportive of the idea of focusing on the task at hand and then moving on.

3. Train your child to be independent.

  • Teach them to get their clothing on and off.

  • Begin to encourage them to handle clean-up on their own.

4. Help your child maintain a healthy, high-fiber diet with plenty of water consumption

5. Use Potty Rewards for your child according to your family values and lifestyle.

6. And above all, don't rush your child.

  • These little guys want to please you. Sometimes the anxiety of today's busy, rushed lifestyle can keep a child from relaxing. Your little one can wind up withholding bowel movements until the problem becomes one of constipation or even encopresis. Avoid these complications by making the process as much fun and stress-free as possible.

If you are training a boy, it's easier if you introduce them to potty training sitting down. They are less apt to be confused when it's time for a bowel movement, and they are more likely to be comfortable sitting on the potty for the extra time that's often required.

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Too Late and then...poop! (10/31/2011) Reviewer: Caitlin My son is pretty much 100% pee trained. However, pooping is pretty hard. The first week of training he had it down, but then he had a loose bowel and it went downhill. I have finally got him telling me he has to poop again and about 50% of the time we make it to the potty in time. The bigger poops is what seems to be harder for him. Little ones are easy. We give him SOOOOOO much praise, he giggles and dances with us when he does get to the potty in time. We also give him stickers for his sticker chart and lately have given him a Matchbox car too. It seems to be getting better. Sometimes I feel I am just impatient or asking too much since he is not yet 2 years old. Should I just give it time? (We are going on a long plane trip in 10 days, so I am becoming anxious...)