5 Things to Look for in Childrens Potty Books

With so many potty training books on the market, it gets confusing on which potty book to buy. At the time of writing this we had a total of 105 potty books that you could purchase and 82 of those were for kids!

So, to help you decide, here are 5 things to look for when buying Potty Training Books for children are:

Too Big for Diapers

1. Characters - Are the characters going to keep their interest? For example: firefighters are my son's heroes so Even Firefighters Go Potty was the right choice for us.

Lets not forget the princesses in our lives (see our princess products section!), they would probably love Princess Potty Book because this book is super glittery and comes with its own tiara!

But if they have a specific character, like someone from their favorite tv or movie show try to find books and other products with them in it! You are able to shop by your Child's Favorite Character.

Big Girls Use the Potty

2. Gender - You want to try and be gender specific if you are shopping for your own child. You can search based on gender: Potty Training Books for Boys and Potty Training Books for Girls.

Doing this will help your child identify with the characters in the book who looks similar to themselves. If you are in a group situation (if you are a daycare or institution) we have gender neutral potty training books.

3. Content - Is this book just for entertaining or do you want instructional potty training book? Entertainingcan be beneficial in potty training if you are looking just to have something for the child to "read" on their own.

These books sometimes include sounds or flip-pages! Instructional books will typically go step by step through the potty training process through a series of pictures and text.

It hurts when I poop

4. Special Needs - There are potty training books designed with children with special needs in mind. We know kids all have their own battles, deciding what materials will help overcome those can be overwhelming.

We also have categories to help easily find the different books as quickly as possible:.

  • If your child wont poop in the potty, check out our category called Poop Books for Children.
  • Does your child need some extra help with potty training at night? Check out our Bed Wetting Books.
  • Toddlers with development delays are recommend to have visual stimulation and simple, task oriented simplistic, step-by-step instructions. We have a section dedicated to Special Needs Children Potty Training Aids which include potty training charts and books.

5. Price - We all know that price can be a deciding factor when it comes to our purchasing decisions. Potty Books for Children range from $3.95 to $18.95, with most books in the $6 to $8 range.

The hard cover books are usually priced a little more. We also have a number of sound books that are perfect for babies and are priced at about $10.

Looking for some toilet training help, check out all of our articles and potty training tips!

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