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Article By: Valerie Garner, mom and proud grandma

When I was potty training my two young boys, I discovered this method of potty training that made it an enjoyable, yet very effective way to potty train toddlers.

First, make sure your child is ready for potty training, shows interest, wants "big kids pants" etc. If they show no signs of readiness, it may be best to let them mature a bit more.

Make this a game, make it fun and you will not run into stubborn opposition (after all it is the child's body). Go out and buy or find around the house items you don't normally let your child play with.

Some examples might be toys that can be used in water (3 or 4 things), like little plastic pitchers, balls, tiny cups, whatever, but make them SPECIAL.

The only real rule to this game is these special "potty" toys can only be played with while the child is sitting on the potty! This is very important; no breaking this one rule, or it won't work.

Once the child is sitting on the potty chair, fill a large bowl or small bucket with lukewarm or tepid water, place the new "potty" toys in the bowl and set the bowl of water in front of the child.

On the floor if the potty chair is low, or if it's a potty seat that sits on top of the regular toilet, set the bowl of water on a TV tray or something that provides a step, in front of the child.

When the child places his/her hands in the lukewarm water to play with the toys, if the child needs to physically go, they nearly instantly go potty (it's almost an instinctive type of physical reaction), then cheer, cheer, cheer!

Give lots of praise, and if you wish to give some type of a treat, go ahead.

Let them play as long as they want, as long as they sit on the potty. When they are done playing, put the toys away for next time. This is really great because it makes it fun for them so they cooperate, it totally ends all power struggles, and also no more waiting and waiting for them to go only to have them go potty as soon as the diaper goes back on.

They also feel good because they have immediate success.

Potty training no. 2 was more difficult I found, that just came with some time and patience and them learning in their own space and way, relax, it will happen.

Do you want to know how I get this idea?

It's kind of a funny thing, my husband used to be in the military and when he was young in boot camp they used to always play jokes on each other in the night by dipping the hand of someone who was sleeping, into a pan of lukewarm water, thus making the person wet the bed.

It just seemed like a natural progression to use this trick for good use in the potty training area and it worked great!

By Valerie Garner, mom and proud grandma, and owner of Joyful Designs in Soy (Candles) at: Valerie enjoys writing on a variety of topics in an engaging style.

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My God it worked!!! (4/29/2012) Reviewer: Mum of two I had had problems potty training my 3yo. She was happy to go to the potty in nursery but at home she was completely uncooperative. Straight after reading this article, I prepared a bowl of water with some toys in it. Not only was my daughter happy to sit and play but at the 2nd attempt, she weed in the potty! Hang on, there's more! She has also gone for a couple of wees and later on, a number 2 all on her own. It's just unbelievable how well this technique has worked for us. I hope it works for others too. Thank you for writing and sharing this article :)
water/potty (4/19/2012) Reviewer: Gabriell (Lakeland, FL) My daughter will sit on the potty for about 10 or 15 min and not pee...only to pee later on. She has peed 2x though. We are in week 2. I'm going to try this method out. Thanks!
Great idea! (12/1/2011) Reviewer: liss (São Paulo, SP) I've been training my 2 year old daughter for 5 days, and couldn't get her sit on the potty, with this tip, not only she sat, but did number 1 for the 1st time on the right place! thanks!
Wow! Thanks (3/26/2011) Reviewer: Lynn Hays (lafayette, la) I have been potty training my second child for 6 days now and she is not getting the hang of it. She does not mind sitting on the potty, but it takes her so long to pee, I eventually let her get up to play and take a break, she pees on the floor! I have been searching all over the internet for ideas and this is the BEST and most unique idea I have ever read! Thanks so much and I can't wait to try this firs thing tomorrow! Lynn
thank you (12/13/2010) Reviewer: sandi (ontario, ca) I enjoyed reading your idea and am going to give it a try. I have twin grandsons close to age 3. Cant stand the diapers any longer! LOL, thank you!!!
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