Comparison of Pretend Potty Training Dolls

Once Upon a Potty Dolls

  • Plush dolls
  • Comes with doll potty chair
  • Anatomically correct
  • Comes with a removable diaper & shirt
  • Her limbs are movable
  • Featured in Once Upon a Potty books, DVD's and CD's

Current Retail Price: $19.95*

Potty Monkey

  • Soft plush animal
  • Comes with Parent's Guide for Toilet Training "The Potty Trainer"
  • Come with a children's potty book "Monkey Learns to Potty"
  • Cotains 30 & 90 minute timers
  • Doll potty chair that really flushes!
  • Toilet training certificate

Current Retail Price: $24.95*

Baby Bottoms: Pretend Potty Dolls

  • Soft plush doll
  • Looks like a toddler
  • Ethnicity avaiable (Asain, African-American, White & Hispanic)
  • Anatomically correct
  • Comes with doll potty chair

Current Retail Price: $34.95*



Hannah & Henry Bye Bye Diapers Dolls

  • Soft plush doll
  • Comes with doll size teddy bear
  • Comes with doll potty chair
  • Featured in their own books and dvds

Current Retail Price: $16.95-$24.95*

KoKo Bear: Potty Training Doll

  • Soft plush bear
  • Comes with a removable diaper & training pant
  • Featured in "KoKo Bear's New Potty" book for parents and children
  • Ethnic neutral (it is a light tan bear with a crown)

Current Retail Price: $13.95*


*Current price based on prices on November 9,2011

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