What Dr. Phil did not tell you about Potty Train in One Day!!

There are few things Dr Phil did not mention on his two shows on Potty Training in One Day.

I am sure if he had the opportunity, he would tell you these things, but time is limited on TV, so he did miss a thing or two!!

Based on my experience and knowledge of working with parents who have used this potty training method - the following information maybe be useful and helpful as you start to potty train your child.

  1. What does Potty Training in One Day really mean?
  2. Dr Phil's check list is missing a few items - take a peek at my potty training check list!
  3. What to do when you child decides that he does not like the potty doll?
  4. Ten Trips to Potty When Accident exactly mean?
  5. What do you do if the practice runs are not effective for your child?
  6. Where can you get more information on Potty Training in One Day?
  7. Consideration for Night Time Potty Training
  8. What to do after the "Big Day"

For more information on Dr. Phil and his potty training and parenting advice, please check out our Dr. Phil's Potty Training section.


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going back second day (7/31/2011) Reviewer: Claudia (miami, fl) First day i tried the potty doll, it was fine. Bella had only 2 accidents, and did #1 and #2.
Second day, she is crying does not want to go to her potty and the doll, she went and painted the doll with crayons :(!!!!. What i sould do?
Bowel Movements (3/15/2011) Reviewer: Karla (LeMars, IA) What if your child will potty but not make bowel movements in the potty? Potty Training Concepts: Try to make going to the potty as relaxing, pressure-free, and pleasant as possible. Praise her when she goes pee pee in the potty. You have to establish that "pee" and "poo" goes into the potty. This article below might help you.

Treatment For Non-Retentive Encopresis