Are Girls Easier to Potty Train than Boys?

Most people believe that not only are girls are easier to potty train than boys, but that they take less time to be trained.

So, it this really true? Okay, so let us look at what the experts, and see what the folks who do studies and research have to say!

In a study that was done in 2001, titled Factors associated with Toilet Training in the 1990s done by Dr. R. Schum et al, AND another study done in 2003 titled Relationship between age at initiation of toilet training and duration of training: a prospective study by Blum NJ, Taubman B & Nemeth N show that while boys and girls often show readiness signals / behavior at similar ages, it has been shown that girls begin and complete potty training earlier than boys!

In another study done in 2002, titled Sequential acquisition of toilet-training skills: a descriptive study of sex and age differences in normal children by Schum TR, Kolb TM, McAuliffe TL, et al. shows that even though girls and boys mastered toileting skills in a similar sequence, girls routinely mastered toilet training skills at a younger age

So based on data research, girls are easier to potty train! So what would be the reasons? There are a number of theories and or reasons on why this is the case. What do you think?

Theory 1: Girls mature sooner.

    Girls are physically more mature than boys and also have more advanced language skills, thus making it easier for them to learn the potty training process.

Theory 2: Mom is the potty trainer.

    In most cases, the person that teaches the child how to potty your toddler, is the mother; and let's face it, when it comes right down to modeling the going potty behavior, we can try all we want, but we simply don't have the right equipment for boys, and thus it may be harder for boys to relate to us.

    Also, the fact that by the age of two and half or three, children become interested in the concepts of gender and boys will begin to imitate their fathers or older brothers . So, boys will want to be like daddy and want to urinate while standing and not sitting.

Theory 3: Girls have to learn ONE position for both processes.

    It is easier for girls to learn because they learn both processes sitting down, so for girls learning to go potty is a one position process, while boys have to learn 2 positions. Boys, can of course learn to go potty sitting down (and most experts recommend that boys should be potty trained sitting down), but just the mere fact that they have a choice complicates the process.

Theory 4: Girls and Boys are socialized differently.

    Another reason that girls learn the task of potty training sooner then boys may be related to how little girls are socialized and their desire to please parents.

Theory 5: Boys are not as tuned into their own bodies.

    Little boys are too busy playing and going potty is the last thing on their list. AND since they are too busy doing, they are less tuned into their own bodies and thus miss the "gotta go" potty cues. They also may not care as much girls about having dirty pants.

Theory 6: Fear of flushing

    Some children, both boys and girls are afraid of the loud flushing noise and may also become afraid that part of them is being flushed away when they see a BM being flushed down the toilet. The theory is that boys may become concerned that their penis might fall off and be flushed away.



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I agree girls are MUCH easier to potty train (7/14/2009) Reviewer: Heidi (Roanoke, Louisiana) As a mother of five, three boys and two girls, I fully agree with this article. From my own experience and from talking with other moms, it only took about 1/10 as long to potty train my girls and it was ten times harder with the boys. Girls just by nature seem more willing to be pliable, helpful and cooperative in general! Or are they just easier to push around? I'm sure it's a combination of factors, but yes, they are generally much easier to potty train! This was true for me from personal experience.