How to Potty Train a Toddler

Here are some great getting started tips:

  • Get rid of all diapers and pull ups! Use potty training pants or "big kid" underwear- have them feel the wetness.
  • Pick a potty training method and educate yourself that works for you and your family.
  • Scolding doesn't work, positive reinforcement DOES!
  • Educate yourself FIRST, then teach your child the correct potty training steps
  • Don't expect him to know how to go potty just because you do (see article Potty Training from a Child's perspective)
  • Have LOTS of dry practice runs
  • Keep it fun! Remember that they are just kids :)

Take a moment and read the following articles to help get ready. The more you plan and prepare now, the more successful you can be!

How do I know if  my child ready to be potty trained?

There is no "right" age to potty training a child, but there are things to look for when you want to see if your child is ready. Check to see if he/she shows the signs of readiness

Signs of Readiness below:
(for a full articles please see Potty Training Age Readiness)

  • Physical Readiness

    Able to sit, stand, and walk with ease
    Bowel movements are regular
    Stays dry during naps and night-time.

  • Motor Skills

    Pull pants up and down with ease
    Can undress themselves

  • Cognitive &  Verbal Development

    Able to say common potty words
    Stops what they are doing to poop in diaper
    They understand simple instructions

  • Emotional & Social Awareness

    Shows interest in other people going potty
    They imitate behavior

Are you ready to potty train?

Parental mental readiness is a key component when it comes to potty training. It is easy to be upbeat and positive through the successes, however, your child will need you to remain calm, unemotional and positive when he is struggling and is having accidents.

Things to consider your readiness:
(for the full articles please see Parent Readiness for Potty Training)

  • Have you taught your child the appropriate vocabulary words?
  • Do you know your child's schedule?
  • Do you have clear understanding on the potty training method you are going to use?
  • Do you know what currency or  potty training rewards you are going to use?

Do you the potty training products you will need?

You want to make sure that you have all the tools ready and accessible for your toddler to be successful. (See Potty Training Checklist for a full list including Travel Products, Night Time and Bed Wetting.)

Products we recommend are:

Don't forget to see our full Potty Training Checklist for more information.

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