How to Potty Train Special Needs Children using the Potty Training in One Day Method

Toilet Training in Less Than a Day was developed by two psychologist - named Nathan H. Azrin, Ph. D. and Richard M. Foxx Ph.D. in the 1970s. Their objective was to improve the level of functioning and happiness of special needs people and while working on that they discovered how that potty training an average child of normal intellegence required less than half a day of training.

They authored this book and have sold over 2 million copies.This book has helped potty train many children in less than a day inlcuding my two boys!

They make the following recommendations for using this method for special needs children.

  • Special needs children should be given more time to develop physically, socially and mentally before initiating training. In general, they do not recommend starting potty training until the age of 30 months for special needs children.
  • You should attempt to use a potty training doll, however, if your child pays no attention to the doll, throws the doll away or is unable to understand the meaning of the dolls actions, then you should discontinue using the doll completely.
  • Some special needs children the doll will have no meaning and so you will not be able to use it. If your child has played with dolls before, then you probably will be able to use a potty training doll.
  • Rewards system of Friends Who Care (check out all of the Charater Potty Training Products) use this only if you know that your child has formed strong attachments with this person and knows this person well. You may have to rely entirely on your own approval.
  • Use manual guidance extensively i.e. manually help and guide your child while teaching him/her what to do.
  • Use gestures whenver you speak.
  • Your instructions should be simple.
  • Your child may have to sit on the potty or toilet seat for longer periods of time.
  • They outlined detailed procedures in their book Toilet Training Persons With Developmental Disabilities: A Rapid Program for Day and Nighttime Independent Toileting by Richard M. Foxx.

For more information on this method, please check out Potty Training in One Day section.

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