Infant Potty Training

In the last couple of years, baby potty training or infant potty training has gotten a lot of press coverage.

There has been plenty of TV, radio and magazine coverage on baby potty training or elimination communication.

The attention has been centered around a website called

Magazines such as Newsweek and O Magazine have printed articles on this topic. It has also been reported on TV.

This past weekend, most of the major newspapers in the US have an article on infant potty training that was written by Tina Kelley of the New York Times.

The articles has appeared in the newspapers with the following headlines:

  • Early potty training a new experiment - Seattle Times
  • Toilet Training at 6 Months? Better Take a Seat - New York Times
  • More parents see "diaper" as dirty word - Denver Post
  • A Fast Track to Toilet Training for Those at the Crawling Stage - New York Times
  • For Babies, a Fast Track to Toilet Training - New York Times
  • Now Babies Too Young to Walk Are Readied for Toilet Training - New York Times
  • Toilet Training At 6 Months? Better Have Baby Take A Seat - TheDay
  • Babies get head start on potty training - Birmingham News
  • Debate over early toilet training - Los Angeles Daily News
  • Early potty-training trend finds backers - Dallas Morning News

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potty training help (9/17/2010) Reviewer: Dharmendra (pune, maharashtra) There are various methods to help the child especially if they donít feel and cry a lot when you try to train them for potty training. One of the most common things to do is to figure out the primary reason behind their obstinacy. Although, its not easy to understand the reason our children do not want to potty train, still we can do certain things to resolve their issues involving with potty training and encouraging them to go potty on their own.
(10/27/2009) Reviewer: Tee (Lansing, MI) Great read... good tips, I'll be back looking at advice on other subjects. Thx