Parents Share Potty Training Tips

Parents share potty training tips
that have worked well for them.

Share your potty training tips with us and we will post them to this page.

Teaching your son to pee

When your son is in the bath tub, give him a cup to pee in - so he can aim into it and see what is happening. Ask him to stop and start, so he can learn to control the sphincter muscle.

Teaching your son to aim properly into the toilet

Draw a target in the bottom of the toilet with a crayon. It will be there for him to aim at. To make it more fun and intersting, you can use cheerios or toilet targets.

Potty Training Success Tips

A mom with spina bifida contends with potty training her daughter. Read her struggle and THEN her success tips for potty training!!

Keeping the furniture accident free

Put a new bathroom rug - the type with a rubber backing on the furniture - especially in the spot where your child sits down to watch TV.

Pediatrician Gives Tips on Potty Training (Page 1, PAGE 2)

Read Potty Training Tips by Barbara Howard, M.D., a pediatrician and behavior and development expert at Duke Children's Hospital - written by Deborah Simpkins

Trying to make them urinate while sitting on the potty:

Let you child play with water toys with a bowl of lukewarm water. If your child has a full bladder and is sitting on the potty and plays with the toys in the lukewarm water, s/he is sure to urinate in the potty!!

Encouraging your child to use the potty- sing a song

"When we have to pee-pee, we go to the potty, because we like dry pants and wet pants are icky" - The poo-poo verse says messy pants are icky.... tune of "Little Bunny Foo-Foo"

Potty Training Songs

Here are additonal free potty songs that will teach and encourage your child to use the potty!!

On motivating your child to use the toilet

Take your child to the store and ask him/her to pick two or three "special potty toys". Make sure you are getting plastic toys that are easy to wash and keep clean.

Then put these in a basket in the bathroom and your child can only use them when sitting on the potty or if s/he did go potty successfully, then they can bring it out of the bathroom and play with it for a few minutes. Then they have to return it to the bathroom for the next time.

This tip was given to us by fellow mom inventor Tonya Cooley. Her product Change-eze - a diaper changing restraint is available on our website under the unique products category. You can also purchase it on

Easy Clean up of Potty Chair

Use toilet paper on the bottom of a potty chair to help clean up. It soaks up the urine and makes it easier to clean up BMs.

Potty Training On-The-Go

Use potty liners or a plastic bag with a sanitary pad on the bottom of a potty chair to make clean a lot easier for when you child has to potty in the car or in the park. Urine will be absorbed by the pad and so you don't have to worry about it sloshing around; just dispose the bag.

Potty Training Guide

A Potty Training Guide from a mother of 4 potty trained children and a freelance writer.

Creative Potty Training

A creative potty training tip from Valerie Garner, who is a mom and proud grandma, and owner of Joyful Designs in Soy (Candles). Valerie enjoys writing on a variety of topics in an engaging style.

Potty Training .To Train or Not to Train?

One parent's thoughts on whether a parent should potty train their children or is it something children do naturally.

FREE Potty Training Charts & Stickers

Here are free potty training charts and free potty training stickers that you can print out and use.

Share your potty training tips with us and we will post them to this page.

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