Problems when Potty Training Naked with Dr. Phil

When potty training there are many different types of methods, one is what we call the $75 & Naked method. This method is very popular for boys and during the summer time because of the warm weather.

Dr. Phil answers the questions when things go wrong, this family can not get their child potty trained or to put his clothes back on!

Naked Bandit

"My 2-year-old son Kycsar rips his clothes off about 15 times a day," says Jamie, who's frustrated with her "naked bandit." Not only does he take his clothes off and run around naked, but he also goes to the bathroom on the floor. "I honestly think he thinks of things to do to drive mommy crazy," Jamie says.

Jamie and her husband Spencer have tried taking away his toys, giving timeouts and even spanking, but nothing works.

"When I laugh, he thinks it's funny and then it happens again," Spencer says.
Jamie asks, "How do I get Kycsar to start minding me and quit taking his clothes off?"

Dr. Phil wants to know what Jamie and Spencer think the problem is. He asks them, "Do you think he's trainable?"

"Yeah, if I had a stronger will and I didn't give into him," Jamie replies.

Dr. Phil explains that dogs have a low IQ and they can be trained.

Actually, Jamie points out, "We had a dog and he was not potty trained!"

Dr. Phil jokes, "So there's a pattern here."

Dr. Phil asks them, "What is your self-diagnosis?"

"I think he takes his clothes off because he's bored," Spencer replies.

Jamie tells Dr. Phil her opinion. "I think it gets [him] more attention," she says.

Dr. Phil lists Jamie and Spencer's responses when Kycsar undresses and goes to the bathroom on the floor. At times they laugh, or they put him in timeout in a room full of toys. They don't take away his privileges, they don't follow through when they yell at him to stop, and Jamie doesn't support Spencer when he punishes Kycsar.

"That's a big issue for me," Spencer tells Dr. Phil.

"I feel bad. He's my baby," Jamie justifies.

"You let feelings of guilt get in the way of punishing him," Dr. Phil says to them. "And rather than let him behave and hear him scream, you just let him have his own way."

"Pretty much," Spencer agrees.

"Are you people kidding me?" Dr. Phil asks them.

When Jamie tells Dr. Phil that she feels bad because Kycsar is her "little angel," Dr. Phil says, "OK, then go home and get a pooper scooper and deal with it!"

Dr. Phil lays it out for them. "If you want him to not do that, you've got to, very consistently, every time he does it, stop his world and re-dress him," he instructs. Then, if he takes his clothes off again, they need to stop everything and re-dress him once more. Dr. Phil explains to them that Kycsar is getting mixed messages from their reactions to his bad behavior. Sometimes he sees his parents laugh, other times they punish and then give in; or they might get really angry.

Snapping his fingers, Dr. Phil says, "You can solve this like that. If you will just decide what you're going to do, and do it with complete consistency." He reminds them that this will get worse if they don't get in control now.

Jamie, who doesn't want to spank her son, asks how she can discipline him.
"By disciplining yourself," Dr. Phil tells her. She and Spencer need to set standards and boundaries with Kycsar, and be consistent when enforcing them. When they give him a timeout, it needs to be away from his toys and they need to make him stay there. Dr. Phil advises, "Avoid a confrontation with him, but once you have it, don't ever lose."

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