Potty Training in One Day- What does it mean?

Sounds great doesn't it?

Or does it sound too good to be true?

It all comes down to perspective and expectations...

This method is not a magic pill, but like everything in life, with planning, preperation and determination you can successed in anything.

It will take effort and energy on your part and yes, you will have to clean up potty accidents. We all learn from our mistakes and your child will not be any different.

It is however a proven method that has successfully worked for many parents. The one day is the "Big Day" (see Figure 1 below). This is the day when the actual potty training is done and your child will give up diapers forever and start using "big kid" potty training pants.

The Potty Training Process

However, as many other things in life, in order for you to have a pleasant and successful “Big Day” you will have to spend some time preparing and planning for this day. The planning and preparation could take anywhere from one hour to a few weeks depending on how ready you and your child are. The time required for the follow-up after the “Big Day” really depends on your child. Some children do not require any follow-up, but others may require more.

You can read a summary of each one of the steps from the excerpt form the Potty Training in One Day: A Guide for Today's Parents. The Potty Training Guide also discusses each step in detail to address the what, when, why, where and how.

So, what is Potty Training in One Day?

It is a proven method to potty train your child; Your child will give up diapers on this day and will learn to pee on the potty and will also learn what is expected of him/her as far as going to the potty goes.

You on the other hand; will have to expend some time, effort and energy before this day by getting all the products together and then preparing your child and yourself for this day (you are already doing this by reading this article!!). You will have to mentally and physically get ready to handle potty accidents and clean ups from these potty accidents. After the big day, you will also have to clean up more potty accidents and follow up with your child and make sure that s/he is clear on what you expect from him/her.

Most people who choose to use this method are surprised by how quickly their child learns and that the potty accidents are limited to a few days. Most children will be accident free in one week, however, you have the ones that never have accidents, and then you have the ones that will have accidents for a couple of weeks.

Stick with it and your child will be accident free in two weeks or less!! No more diapers or pull-ups!!

Still skeptical? Read how well this potty training in one day method has worked for other parents.

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Potty training for my 3 year old son - A big challenge (12/28/2011) Reviewer: Soni (Bangalore, Karnataka) I have read the articles published and have tried everything possible. Please suggest what more should I do. He just refuses to go the potty to Poo, but indicates well when he wants to. Moves aside with his diaper on to Poo.