Potty Training In One Day and Practice Runs

What do you do if the practice runs are not effective for your child?

With the Potty Training in One Day method, practice runs are a consequence for undesired behavior. This is the most challenging part of the method, because most toddlers do not enjoy doing these practice runs.

Most children will enjoy the first couple of runs and maybe even the first two sets of runs, but then they get bored and quickly realize that doing these practice runs is actually taking them away from fun & play - which is exactly the purpose of the practice runs.

As with everything in life, there are exceptions to every rule and so what are you to do as a parent if your kid is the exception to this rule. What should you do if your toddler does not view the practice runs as a consequence for undesired behavior?

Some children actually have fun and enjoy doing the practice runs. This makes it easier on the parent, but does not serve the purpose of deterring your child from having accidents.

My suggestions for these parents:

In the Parent's Potty Training Guide: How to Potty Train in One Day - I talk about choosing the right rewards or consequences for your child - because each child is different - the parent is usually the best person to figure what the best consequences are for their child.

So, generally speaking, practice runs are good consequences for wetting underwear. Most children do not like doing practice runs, so it provides the perfect consequence for the undesired behavior of wetting potty training pants and it also builds up the child's muscle memory as s/he practices going to the potty and sitting down on the potty.

But as you have read - this does not work for every child. Some children actually have fun with practice runs. Joshua, would actually counts down the practice runs and was having a lot fun doing them. This is the email I got from Joshua's dad on how Joshua was reacting to his consequences.

Emmett was content to pee where he was and was not making an effort to pee in the potty. His parents were making him do the practice runs, but the practice runs did not seem to be having any impact on the child

So my suggestions for both these parents was to find out what their children's currency is and then use that instead of practice runs.

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