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Daytime wetting is unusual in kids older than five. Few children this age wet both day and night. When they do, a bladder or kidney problem is often the culprit, and that's fixable your doctor will provide medication, and after your child has taken the required regimen of pills, the infection is gone, and so is the day and night time wetting.

Daytime pee slip ups (accidents) come in many kinds and ways to handle, including the following:

  • Having a sudden need to go and frequent peeing: When your child suffers these pee difficulties, offer support and reassurance. Typically, this will resolve itself (that's assuming your doctor has already ruled out a medical problem such as a urinary tract infection).

  • Wetting with giggling: Some girls pee when they laugh.

  • Treatment: Forget about it or ask your doctor for medication

  • Peeing accidentally when running and jumping: Oops! When your kid's running or jumping, he accidentally pees. Solution: Get him to go to the bathroom before he goes outside to play
  • Having a hyper bladder: The pee comes in small, frequent batches, and your child may dance around a bit, showing urgency. He needs to go, feels like he has to pee, but the grind of constantly having to race to the potty results in bad timing on his part and thus, accidents. Too many urges, too little time he gets so frustrated he loses his boyish enthusiasm for the potty-game. Doctors may discover this child has a urinary tract infection or constipation. Certain medications can correct a child's antsy bladder, giving him time to make it to the potty. To retrain the bladder better, encourage him to pee every two hours.

  • Letting his bladder be a slacker: the child with a lazy bladder urinates only every eight or nine hours and has pee accidents in between. Because he really doesn't sense a full bladder, his urine flows over, causing accidents. To get back on track, have him pee and then go back and pee again and then one more time. In difficult cases, a doctor may suggest medication or catheterization. Typically, the lazy-bladder child will also have constipation and bladder infections now and then.

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