Types of Potty Chairs

Let your child choose the potty training chairs or seats they want; there are many that are very playful and fun and it may be the incentive your child needs to want to go.  

When it comes to potty training, making sure that children have all the proper equipment to go is extremely important. They need to feel safe and secure while going, as well as be comfortable and be able to access the toilet easily. The more uncomfortable and difficult it is for them to go, the less likely they will want to.

Making sure that they have the right potty chair to use can be the perfect incentive for the child to learn to use the potty. Potty chairs come in a vast range of colors, styles and functions for a child to use.

Here is our wide range of potty chairs:

These all are available in a vast range of styles and colors to choose from. The toddler potty chairs are very fun and whimsical.

If your son or daughter likes princesses or cars, maybe even animals or bright colors, this may be a great choice. These come in seats that are shaped liked fun animals, as well as in abstract shapes in bright pinks and blues.




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