Potty Training Pants Rundown

There are three main types of potty training pants:

  1. Cloth Potty Training Pants
  2. Waterproof Potty Training Pants
  3. Night Time Training Pants


Cloth Potty Training Pants:

These are recommended for use with the "Potty Train in One Day" method. Not only are the these potty training pants easy to pull on and off, they also will make the child feel "wet". This "wet" feeling increases his/her awareness of the excretory function and may make the child uncomfortable, which may motivate the child to use the potty.

Waterproof Potty Training Pants

The waterproof covering on the outside of the training pants can help with containing the accidents. The challenge is finding these training pants that will indeed contain the accident and also be easy for the child to pull up and down.

Using two layers - fabric on the inside and PUL waterproof fabric on the outside will make it more difficult for the child. You want to make it as easy as possible for the child to get to the potty in time and to be able to pull training pants down as quickly as possible.

The layering and/or waterproof PUL coating covers the training pants are best for on the go and for naps. The can be used all the time if the child is able to pull them down easily.

Night Time Training Pants

Again, these type of training pants are designed to contain the accidents. These are ideal for nap time and night time and even for on the go.

Many potty training pants like these are designed with snaps on the sides. These snaps serve two purposes:

  • They make number 2 clean up a lot easier when compared to underwear that has to be pulled down (like the fabric or the Vinyl covered ones).
  • The snaps allow the training pants to be adjusted and fitted on the child so that the child can easily pull them down.

They usually cost more when compared to the cloth training pants or the waterproof training pants.



It is an individual choice. The reason that there are all these choices available is that different people have different needs.

Buy what you like and can afford.

Remember, if you plan to use the "potty train in one day" method, then you child will not be using potty training underwear for very many days.

Once the child has mastered using the potty and is no longer having accidents, they can start wearing real underwear - and there is no shortage of superhero underwear!!!

If however, you child is wetting his/her bed (as many children do), then they may still need to wear the potty training underwear at nap time and/or at night time.

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