Potty Training in One Day with Potty Scotty - Will it Work?

See for yourself! News 5 in Cincinnati put our products - Potty Scotty and Potty Training in One Day - The Complete System for Boys to the test and listed below are the results from the test:

Potty Scotty
Potty training is one of the most dreaded parts of raising your toddler. But one product promises you can get the messy business done in one day. The kit includes an anatomically correct doll and a toilet with big kid underwear for the doll. Our tester and his 2 year, 7-month son tried out the product. Dad Jonathan read the instruction booklet and went through the detailed steps with his son. Jonathan was thrilled with the results and says it was an easy-to-understand way to get his son on the potty training track.


Self Heat Latte
Get your joe on the go! It's made by Wolfgang Puck. The premise is all high tech in one cup. You just pull the bottom tab, then press a botton on the bottom. In 6-8 minutes you will get a hot latte. The company says it will heat to 145 degrees. They are 100 calories and come in four flavors -- rich espresso, french vanilla, rich mocha and rich caramel. We found they absolutely do work and are pretty handy to get your drink on the go! They can be found at Kroger.
Price: $2.25.

Salon Bronze Airbrush Gun
Looking for a glow without the sun, but you don't want to go to a salon? You've probably seen this at drug stores. It's called the Salon Bronze. Our testers (first-time self-tanners) tried out the airbrush gun. The girls made a mess and realized there's a bit of a learning curve on the gun. If you pause at one spot for too long, you get a blob of brown. You might want to try this product outside first so you don't ruin your house. The ladies were very happy with the color and said they had just a few streaks.

Facelift in Your Fridge
Sounds too good to be true. Our tester Donna tried it out, and while you have to eat a tremendous amount of salmon, she felt that the diet did add moisture to her skin. For a look at a sample menu, check out this link.

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