How to Choose: Potty Chair or Potty Seat

What is the difference?
Why use one over the other for potty training

The difference between a Potty Seat and Potty Chair at first glance seem to be an easy question to answer. In actuality the differences are a bit more involved. Our primary focus is to provide you with enough quality information to make the best decision for your family. You have to take several different aspects to decide which one is the best fit for your family. You also maybe asking yourself; "Why should I use one over the other"?

  • Know what your child needs
  • Know what your child likes

This truly depends upon several different aspects such as; what will work best for your family and what your needs are as well as your likes and dislikes.

What maybe right for one family doesn't necessarily mean that it is right for yours; truthfully, depends upon your family's needs and wants.

After this discussion you may come to the conclusion that both can be extremely helpful tools to assist you in potty training your tot.The simplest explanation of the two is that the potty chair is a standalone product that is completely independent from a toilet and a potty seat is a stationary addition to your existing toilet seat or can replace it altogether and can grow with your child.

There are pros and cons concerning every type of product that is on the market. We will cover the majority of them to assist you in making the best decision for your family.

First, we will uncover the pros the cons that shall cover the majority of the aspects concerning the potty chair . Potty Chair s are portable . The majority of them are lightweight enough for your child to be able to move it him or herself. Potty Chairs are available with enticing and fun shapes and sizes some with a musical features, check out all of our Musical Potty Chairs.

Fun characters and designs can adorn the potty chair . This in it of its self can be a highly motivating aspect to your toddler. These wonderful designs can be visually motivating to your toddler; this is an important aspect to take into consideration, as children at this age tend to learn more effectively by being visually stimulated.

So, if your child is enthralled with animals or a favorite character, seeing this on the chair could be the extra push that your child needs to tackle this next step in their development.

Some of these chairs are multipurpose , such as our throne themed chairs that are perfect for you little prince or princess , coordinating into almost any décor. These potty chair s can be converted to a rocking chair for your child to use once it has grown out of this all-important step of development.

Some of these wooden potty chairs come with a toilet paper and magazine holder that can be removed as well.

Potty Chairs are child size , which allows their little feet to be able to reach the floor, which shall encourage a more natural potty position that will assist them in producing an effective elimination of their waste.

Potty Chairs promotes independency . At this stage of development children tend to test their boundaries and are craving to be somewhat independent, which when using a potty chair they don't have to ask for assistance.

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