What is the difference between potty chairs and potty seats?

When shopping for potty training products you want to have as much information as possible to make an educated decision. We understand, so below are suggestions on how to make the choice between a potty chair or potty seat.

Potty Chairs

  • most are portable and can be moved through-out your home
  • some can be big and bulky (if space is an issue, a potty chair might not be right for your family)
  • child size
  • they can practice going potty while an adult goes
  • they are able to independtly go potty, even at the beginning
  • you will have to dump out the waste and clean after each use
  • there is going to be a transitional period for the toddler to get used to using the "Big Girl or Boy Toilet"

Potty Seats

  • there is no transitional period with choosing potty seats
  • you will save the extra expense of purchasing two items
  • with a potty seat there is no clean up process to contend with, all that you do is flush the toilet.
  • toilet is too high for children to be able access alone therefore they will need assistance via the caregiver or a step stool
  • child needs to be able to plant their feet on something to be able to allow their sphincter muscles to relax to be able to effectively use the restroom.
  • it has to be removed in order for an adult to use it, which can be an issue if guest or other family members are using the bathroom.

As you can see your decision on which route to take in this developmental process is more evolved than most think. There are several different aspects to either choosing a potty chair or potty seat and it truly depends upon what is the best fit for your family environment. Though our experience we have found that using a potty chair first then transitioning into the potty seat provides the child with the foundation of using the bathroom.

Therefore, the best course of action is to employ both of these wonderful tools to ensure that your child is encouraged and has options to choose from that they as well as you, the parent, are comfortable with. We hope that we have presented you with enough valuable information for you to be able to make an educated decision.


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