Potty Training Pants... Not Pull-ups.

Training Attire

"It might not seem obvious at first, but your child's ability to undress and dress herself plays a large role in her training progress. A good potty training wardrobe consists of clothes toddlers can remove easily and quickly.

Girl wearing Potty Patty Padded Training Pants

Training Pants....Not Pull Ups

Most parents automatically buy disposable pull-ups, but these aren't usually a good idea.

Disposables are so absorbent, that youngsters have a hard time feeling the wetness, which slows learning.

Disposables also keep them from experiencing the cold, damp discomfort of wet cloth, which can motivate them to stay dry.

While disposables are more likely to thwart potty training than help it along, they can be useful as night wear for children who resist being put in diapers but continue to wet the bed.

Cloth training pants have more padding in the crotch than regular underwear. If leakage is a problem, you can add a waterproof diaper cover (also called pull on pants).

Boy wearing Potty Scotty Potty Training Pants - Padded


Pants with elastic waistbands and Velcro closures are easiest for tots to get on and off. Zippers and snaps are harder; buttons are hardest.

Learning to pull tight pants over a round bottom is a challenge, so provide oversized jeans, warm-up pants, slacks, and rompers. Skirts are ideal for girls.

Make sure your child has lots of chances to practice getting clothes on and off. If you usually let him help when ou dress and undress him, he'll get good practice, and going to the potty will be much easier.

Although you may be in a hurry for him to get his clothes on and off, try not to rush him, so that he can concentrate on developing the fine motor coordination that he needs."

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