Recommended Potty Training Attire

During potty training you want to know from experts what they recommend, below is a quote from well-known and trusted authors and publisher, Potty Training for Dummies.

"Being dressed to promote easy potty moves goes a long way toward making your kiddo hunker down and become a top cadet. Here, we look at the right kind of clothes and potty training pants for a toddler success story.

Your little one must be a wizard with her pants, and be able to pull them down easily and quickly. Oversized shorts and pants with elastic waistbands are perfect.

In warm weather, dress her only in loose training pants, with no extra set of pants over them. Think footloose and fancy-free.

Dress your toddler for clothes-pulling and tugging. For potty training's early days, put her in saggy, loose clothing that can be easily pulled up and down. Tuggable duds are divine.

If she's just hanging around the house and the weather is warm, let her go bare or wear training pants only. Hopefully, this will help her keep her target mission at the front of her mind.

For going places, and colder days, some of the best toddler bets are plain, elastic-waisted, cotton-kit pull-on pants long or short.

Short dresses work well for your little miss. You can find a wide selection of toddler sweat pants and other pull-up pants anywhere you like to shop- online or in the mall.

Avoid jeans, overalls, and leggings too tough for a potty-training novice's fledgling hand-eye coordination. And, forget about the kinds with crotch snaps and difficult ties. Later on, these will work fine, but not at the outset of the Potty 500.

If you need to buy clothes during potty-training days, super-size the pants. You want them as big and slouchy as hip-hop duds."

Stafford, Diane, and Jennifer Shoquist. Potty Training for Dummies. New York, NY: Wiley, 2002. Print.

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