General Information on Potty Training Dolls

If you are over than 30 years old, then there is good chance that you were NOT potty trained using a potty training doll. So, are you wondering when and how potty training dolls became part of the potty training toddlers?

They are a great aid when potty training, helping toddlers to see the steps and the correct behavior from the doll. Then you can let the child teach the doll to go potty, sometimes teaching is the best way to learn.

Types of dolls:

Have you been researching potty training dolls? Having a hard time understanding what the differences are and making a decision on which potty training doll you should buy?

There are 2 main differences:

What is available:

Drink-And-Wet Potty Dolls      

Scotty & Patty Dolls

  • Doll design based off of potty training in one day method
  • Anatomically correct
  • Looks like a toddler (not a baby)
  • Comes with doll training pants
  • Can be used on any potty chair or seat (when demonstrating to your child)
  • Internal bladder system to hold the water (Drink-and-Wet on demand)

Corolle Dolls

  • Comes with diaper & doll training pant
  • A bottle to feed
  • Comes with their own doll potty chair
  • Looks like a baby (doll)
  • Vanilla scent
  • Internal bladder system to hold the water (Drink-and-Wet on demand)

Aquini Potty Dolls

  • A bottle to feed
  • Comes with their own doll potty chair
  • Looks like a baby (doll)
  • Wets as soon as they drink
  • Anatomically correct

Pretend Potty Dolls

  • Most come with their own potties
  • Some come in kits with dvd's and books
  • Some come with their own training pants
  • Some are anatomically correct
  • Some are available with ethnic diversity.

What is Drink-and-Wet:

Drink-and-Wet potty dolls are designed to be feed (drink water) and release the water out at a different end. The reason for using this type of potty doll: doll demonstrates the appropriate behavior, the child can also feel in control by teaching the doll the learned behavior and the doll can be used if a parent of the opposite sex is teaching the child. These dolls are great for potty training autistic children, because they have no way to imagine themselves as the doll (such as you would when using a pretend doll) this shows them visually and can be used by other care givers.

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