What Makes Potty Scotty & Patty Dolls So Special?

Written by: Narmin Parpia
Inventory of Potty Scotty & Potty Patty and Author of Potty Training In One Day

"I was inspired to create these potty training dolls after watching the Dr. Phil's first show (aired November 2002) on Potty Training in One Day. I had used a similar method to potty train my two boys and I know first hand that this method works.

My biggest challenge when I trained my children 10 years ago was getting all the supplies together including finding a decent potty training doll. My market research showed that this problem still exists, so I decided to put my engineering background to good use and designed potty training dolls that could drink and wet-on-demand.

Potty Scotty and Potty Patty are Specially Designed to Potty Train. The specially designed features fall into the following four categories:

First let's feed Scotty some water. He's thirsty!

Since one of the major concepts in this method is modeling behavior and these dolls will be used by toddlers, the dolls look like toddlers. Their face, hair and body are designed to be like toddlers and not a young baby.

Potty Scotty and Potty Patty are made out of a soft vinyl (NOT blow molded). The whole doll, the body, arms, legs and head are made of a soft vinyl, making the dolls more comfortable for holding & hugging by small children.

The dolls can take baths along with the children.

Then Potty Patty has to go potty! Hurry, put her on the potty and squeeze. She really goes potty.

Not only are the dolls anatomically correct, they can drink water and hold it until you want them to go. They are drink and wet-on-demand dolls.

Not only that, unlike some other dolls, they can drink water laying down or sitting up. The will not leak, if you feed the water in the upright position.

More importantly, since this method is based on modeling behavior, Potty Scotty and Potty Patty can model the going potty behavior in the any potty or toilet that the parents selects for the child. They are not tied to a specific potty.

Incidentally, Scotty can also go potty standing up or sitting down!!

The doll's clothing is also specially designed; the dolls come wearing a diaper - which is what a toddler is wearing before s/he is potty trained.

The doll wears a two piece outfit, similar in style to something a 2-3 year old child might wear

Also, the outfit is designed to "CONVERT" to the perfect potty training outfit. When using this "Potty Train in One Day" method to potty train, it is recommended that your child wear a tee shirt and some potty training pants.

The dolls come wearing a two piece outfit; and on the "big day" they can take the top piece off and are left with a tee shirt. This combined with doll's "big kid" underwear is the perfect potty training outfit for the doll!!

YEAH! Scotty went pee-pee in the potty! Now it's your turn.

The accessories included are two bottles to feed the doll and 3 "big kid" doll potty training underwear. On the "Big Day", (the day of the potty train in one day), ceremoniously, both the child and the doll give up diapers forever and both change into their "big kid" underwear. Both the child and the doll can now be in the perfect potty training attire - tee shirts and potty training pants!!

The doll's "big kid" potty training pants are big enough, so that your toddler and put them on and take them off the doll.

Two bottles are included - because the parents like the bottle with the blue top - but the small white bottle is easier for your toddler to use."

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